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Pineapple pie recipe
fruit pie pastry pineapple recipe

Recipe: Pineapple Pie

When I shared my bake of this Pineapple Pie Recipe on my Instagram and Facebook pages people were surprised and amazed by the recipe. It is not a typical English fruit pie, but a rather tropical creation. It was sweet, fruity, sticky and covered in pastry – what is not to like about that combination! …

recipe rhubarb

Rhubarb and Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Rhubarb Chocolate pudding is such a favourite Rhubarb recipe of mine, it gets baked several times a year once the Rhubarb is ready for picking in the garden. Chocolate & Rhubarb Pudding Usually this pudding is made in one large pudding dish and serves 10-12 people, great for a big family gathering. But I have found it …

chcolate recipe

Recipe: Mint Chocolate Nougat Mousse

A rich and easy Chocolate Nougat Mousse Recipe, made using a standard chocolate nougat bar (you know that triangle bar) or a mint version. I have made both and they are equally nice, rich and chocolatey. Recipe – Mint Chocolate Nougat Mousse Equipment saucepan heatproof bowl balloon whisk or electric hand whisk bowl tablespoon wooden spoon …