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Watercolor Is For Everyone Book Review

It is not often I get to review a hobby book, so was pleased when I had a chance to with Watercolor is for Everyone by Kateri Ewing. It has been 18 months since I discovered art as a hobby, I started going to a local class Art for Enjoyment.  It really is aimed at all levels, that's what makes it so relaxing and fun to attend. Over the months (pre-covid) we have tried watercolours, pastels, brusho, watercolor wax batik, paper collage, life drawings, and demonstration artists.  

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit, I really thought art would be a place I could escape to. But I found I had little enthusiasm to even pick up a brush, I'm really not sure why. Early on I could barely pick up a book to read, but found audio books a great distraction particularly during restless nights of sleep.  
Then in July I got the chance to review Kateri Ewings, Watercolor is for Everybody. I picked up the book and started flicking through the pages and looking at some of the tutorials.  I sat down with a cuppa and read through the exercises, then I got out my paints. 

The book is about using watercolours to create patterns, seeing how the paints and water merge and flow on the paper.  A chance to create without the pressure of a fixed detailed scene.  

The author shares in detail all the items and materials required, and why she chose them, you also get to see her paints in detail.  Most items I already had as a hobby watercolourist, though I did not have the metallic paints though not essential to enjoy the exercises.   

For each exercise you will find a list of materials, it also has a name, and an explanation on how painting is more than just paint or a scene, the author talks about emotion, mood, and creativity. Also suggested is putting on music that you love to listen to whilst painting, adding drops of essential oil to your pot of water.  I particularly enjoyed Many Voices, One Song exercise which involved using some coins something everyone will have to hand. You can see a copy of my creation below. 

This book contains 20 exercises to help you enjoy relaxing with watercolours, bring benefits to both health and well-being.  Most of these exercises I had not come across before and are certainly aimed at everyone. They can be repeated time and time again as your confidence grows in understanding how the paints move and blend into each other, and how your mood takes you.

Watercolor is for Everyone Book Review

Here is a photo of two of the exercises I completed Many Voices, One Song (top) and Beginners Mind, Beginners Soul (bottom).  

Watercolor is for Everyone by Kateri Ewing is available to buy from all good book shops and online. Currently available at Amazon for £11.99.  
By using my link to purchase I earn a small amount from the sale, which helps me to maintain my book review blog. 

Thank you to Net Galley for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

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