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2018 Reading Challenge is a go...

2018 Reading Challenge UK Goodreads
I'm ready to get reading! I will again set myself a Reading Challenge through the Goodreads website. If you have not discovered Goodreads it is an effective way of managing your bookshelf virtually, add books that you wish to read, books you have read, favourite your most liked authors and keep up with their latest news or join a reading group. There are plenty of book giveaways too, I've won quite a few books. You can also create your own reading challenge for the 2018, I have set myself a reachable target of 20 books.

I am taking a very relaxed approach to my reading this year, if I am not enjoying a book I will not beat myself up to get to the end, no it will be ditched. If I don't reach my target, so what. But if I do, well that is reason enough to enjoy decadent cake or too.

I am starting the year with a Dan Brown book - Inferno. I enjoy his balance of mystery, history and drama - I've read many of his books over the years.  I have quite a few non fiction books sitting on my actual bookshelf, including gardening and historical houses in the UK. I have just completed reading my first book for the year, a National Trust book, Greyfriars House and Gardens about a medieval manor in the heart of Worcester. Well worth a visit if you are ever visiting the city.

You can check out my reading challenge progress through the year on the widget below or if you scroll down your screen and look to the right you can see a list of books I have finished. If you love reading and would like to become my friend on Goodreads just click my link below. 

Happy Reading everyone.

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Angela has read 1 book toward her goal of 20 books.
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  1. Good luck with the challenge x

  2. Good luck with the challenge. I think your approach is great.
    I've joined goodreads today.


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