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Greeting Cards Review from Berni Parker Designs Plus Free Birthday Planner Download

I love sharing details of British companies with you my lovely readers, and what better than one based in the Midlands. Berni Parker Designs create greetings cards, and I am very fortunate to share with you some of their gorgeous designed products. But that's not all. I also have a free birthday organiser download you can print to help you organise your family birthdays - never miss another birthday, anniversary or special day! Plus I will also share an exclusive discount code for your next purchase from Berni Parker. So do read on...

stationery review greetings cards berni parker designs

A few weeks ago I received a lovely selection of greetings cards from Berni Parker Designs, along with a selection of their gifts. All the cards and stationery designs are created by the talented Bernie Parker herself, they capture fun, love and humorous moments in life, which you can identify with. It is quite likely you will be familiar with Berni Parker Designs, the cards and gifts can be found in over 700 independent outlets such as garden centres as well as National Trust shops.

Keep reading to download my free birthday Organiser/Planner.

stationery review greetings cards berni parker designs
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Greeting Cards Galore
There are 10 different card ranges, I received cards from the Ladies Who Love Life, Men Who Love Life and Animals Who Love Life ranges from Berni Parker. These captured fun and humorous moments just like in life  - I certainly identified with or associated friends with these and I have already matched these perfectly to some family members. Watch out for the animal cards, they are adorably funny. The inside is blank so you can add your own personal message or sentiment. The Whisper On Wings collection is perfect for those lovers of all things fairy related. 
stationery review greetings cards berni parker designs

Quality cards
I keep a stash of generic occasion cards. You know the type - get well, sympathy, new home, wedding, new job and congratulations. Again Berni Parker has created cards that capture these occasions perfectly. The cards and envelopes are of very good quality, and easy to write on - no shiny pen proof envelopes. Greetings cards range from £2.25. 
stationery review greetings cards berni parker designs
I know just the walker who will enjoy this card
The Welsh Factor
Living in Shropshire I am located near the Welsh border so love the fact that Berni Parker include Welsh text greeting cards in their collection too.

Stationery Love
It is not just all about greeting cards, but stationery too, and who just does not love stationery! Notepads, shopping lists, note card sets and invitations. I am a list maker and I ALWAYS have a selection of notepads and magnetic shopping lists in my cupboard. As you can see I have already started using the shopping list note pad I was sent, your list tears easily from the pad to pop into your handbag for your shopping trip. 

The gift bags match with the Ladies Who Love Life and the Whisper On Wings range - co-ordinating your gifting of presents. 

If you love your stationery keep reading to get your 10% discount from your online order with Berni Parker.
stationery review greetings cards berni parker designs
Shopping prep 
Supporting the well designed greetings cards are a great selection of gifts aimed at us females. Perfect pressies that easily pop into a birthday card and make the perfect token gift - bookmark, handbag mirror, notepad or wine glasses. 
  • I have a thing for bookmarks at the moment, and love this quirky magnetic bookmark - I have not seen one like this before. They come in a fun feminine designs and are just £1.99, what a bargain. 
  • Handbag mirror, who would not welcome one or more of these as a present. I not only have one in my handbag but also my toiletry bag - very useful for holidays or unexpected hospital admissions. Am I the only one who finds went out with friends someone will at some point ask. Does anyone have a mirror? There are several designs but my favourite is the Mirror, Mirror on the Wall just £3.49 and presented on a printed card matching the mirror design, wrapped in cellophane.  
stationery review greetings cards berni parker designs
Perfect gifts - Handbag Mirror, Bookmark  and Notepad

About Berni Parker

A family run company based in Worcestershire, not only do they create illustrated greetings cards but also stationery and gift ware  - all from original art work. Berni Parker has over 20 years experience in the greetings cards industry before launching her own company based in her home studio in the middle of the English countryside (what an idyllic workplace), in Worcestershire.  The business as it has grown is now a family affair, with her husband and sons actively involved.

Get 10% Discount Online Order
Place an order online at Berni Parker before 1 May and use Code BLOG10 to claim 10% off your order. Get organised today, why not download my birthday organiser and batch order your greetings cards from Berni Parker.

Birthday Planner Organiser Printable Free Download organizer

I am from a family of organisers, we all have our way of organising and remembering birthday, anniversaries. I have mine recorded on an annual birthday planner - no need to update your diary every year. So I wanted to share this handy Birthday Planner with you, and help you keep all those important dates in one place.

Click to download and print my free 
birthday planner(print it double sided
 to keep it on one sheet)

Grab a cuppa and spend half an hour completing 
all your birthdays and anniversaries 
on to one form

Pin onto a noticeboard - or fold 
and keep in your notebook/diary

Batch shop for your greeting cards

birthday planner printable birthday organiser organizer free

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of greeting cards and gifts for the purpose of this review.
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Recuperation, Birds, Crochet and Garden Planning

nhs prh hospital Shropshire
Would you believe it, this blog post has been three weeks in the making. I was in the process of putting together an update on how I was taking things easy recovering from my recent hospital admission for a chest infection picked up mid/late January. All of which was complicated by my scoliosis (curvature of the spine), I was occupying myself with some crochet and tv - ridiculous really but that was my limit. The days flipped between tiredness, recovery, tiredness, recovery. Then two weeks home and the recovery element ebbed away to total tiredness and breathing problems again - and so it was I found myself back in hospital, this time just for a week. 

But that was a week ago and I am home again and with each day I am feeling a little better, and hoping not to tempt fate with those words. I am focusing on some positives - what you can enjoy whilst trying to do nothing and appreciate the little things in life.

Nature on my doorstep
I may have totally missed the wonderful display of Snowdrops in the nearby parks and gardens but I have been able to enjoy the sight of the birds in my garden. They have been very active searching out nests. The day I came out of hospital I was greeted by a pair of Blackcaps on the bird feeder, birds not seen in the garden for a few years. But the Robins, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Wrens are still my favourites. From the comfort and warmth of my garden room I have been able to capture some lovely photographs of the birds, the little Wrens are very timid though and require a little more patience than I can give at the moment.
Blue Tit nesting
Blue Tit on the garage roof
Restorative Power of Cake
I can happily enjoy the benefits of eating cake, even though I am not able to bake it which I equally enjoy. A delicious slice of my favourite piece of cake contains many restorative powers, I am sure no one is going to disagree with me on that!
Search Press Crochet Books

A Little Good Luck and a Win
I received this lovely book of 200 Fun Things to Crochet whilst in hospital, won in a giveaway on the Search Press Art and Craft Books Facebook page. If you are UK based they have giveaways on a Wednesday and on free books for review on a Friday, which is how I won.  It was a lovely surprise as I had forgotten all about it. Now as you can see I have picked up my crochet hook this week and created some pretty flowers. Not without faults, I made one or two small mistakes something I will learn from. But the book is full of lots of creative small projects for varying skill levels. A book I will not be easily parted with, read my review or find out more about 200 Fun Things to Crochet
Family and Friends
Never to be underestimated or taken for granted, it is during times of illness that you truly appreciate the support and care shown by family and friends. From my sister who has basically been doing just about everything for me during the last month, to those who call by or send kind thoughts. It is all so very much appreciated and I hope that soon I will be able to somehow repay that kindness.  To my lovely blogging friends, particularly my Instagram followers it has been a real pick me up to read your lovely messages of support. I hope soon to be up to sharing more photos with you soon.

Armchair Gardening
With the garden bursting into life before my eyes, pots planted with bulbs in Autumn have started to grow and are close to flowering. I have a greenhouse that is calling out to me... I long to be seed sowing. But in the meanwhile I can be doing some garden planning, such as looking through seed catalogues. This year the Sarah Raven catalogue has been a favourite, since I completed my online FlowerStart flower arranging course last year its my wish to grow more cut flowers grown in the garden.  I have ordered a selection seeds including the Opal Sweet Pea mix - oh how I love growing and enjoy picking Sweet Peas.  Currently you can get an extra 10% of any orders from Sarah Raven using the code SRKGSP17.  I can recommend the Inspire Me section of the website if you are looking for some inspiration or need to narrow down or increase :) your choices for your garden this year.
Great Tit perched in pruned apple tree
Great Tit perched on the Apple Tree
Meanwhile I will leave you with these words of wisdom...
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.
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