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Cath Kidston Knitting Book Kit Striped Scarf

I have completed my first knitting project of the year. A funky, bright stripy scarf created from a Cath Kidston Knitting Kit. I received the kit as part of a campaign to promote knitting to keep warm during winter.

About the Knitting Book Kit
The scarf knitting kit comes in a tin that is decorated in a pretty design that looks like a book, and is perfect to have out on display.

Inside the kit you will find  a pair of bright red metal knitting needles, six balls of acrylic yarn, a pattern sheet and and instruction booklet on how to knit.  The instruction booklet has lots of detail on the different aspects of knitting such as how to create different stitches, including how to cast on and off, how to change coloured wool. You can choose to knit your scarf using the basic pattern with the knit (garter) stitch or one of several others detailed in the pattern sheet. Which very usefully includes photographs of each design.
Changing Yarn Colour
I have knitted a scarf previously but always with the same colour yarn, this scarf design required numerous changes of yarn to create the stripes. Following the clear instructions this was something I easily mastered. This particular pattern also has a slit in the scarf so that when wrapped around the neck the one end slots through the slit to secure the scarf. You need to cast off and cast on stitches part way through a knit, another first for me. It was a little tricky at first casting off some stitches and continuing knitting part way through the row, I think my yarn tension could of been better when casting the stitches back on in the next row. But I know for next time.

It took me around two weeks to complete, some days I knitted 2 rows a day some days 4 and occasionally none at all.  I had no problem knitting with the acrylic yarn, the colours are just perfect. There are a large number of stitches per row and it is a tight squeeze on the needles, but I managed. I did have to add a drop of superglue when one of the knitting needle end fell off. 

This is a good knitting kit suitable for both a beginner and someone with more skill who can follow the advanced patterns. 

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  1. I have never come across this kit before, it looks as if it would make a lovely gift.

  2. This turned out so cute!

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