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Knitting to Keep Warm During Winter #MerryKnitmas

A great way to stay warm when you venture out during the colder winter months is to ensure you are wrapped up snug. A hand knitted scarf, hat, and gloves are the perfect accessories not only will they keep you toastie warm, but you will have the satisfaction that you made them yourself. 
knitting to keep warm Cath Kidson Stripey Scarf
Cath Kidston Stripey Scarf Knitting Kit
Not an accomplished knitter? Then try your hand at a scarf using the simple knit stitch, there is nothing too tricky in knitting a scarf. I knitted a wonderful grey scarf last year, using a slightly different knit to standard knit or purl stitch, but it was nothing too tricky. A few months ago I made my first hat, it looks like a hat, heck it is a hat but I would not say it was perfect - slightly on the small side, not that I am saying I have a big head you understand! One to attempt again another time I think. 
knitting to keep warm Cath Kidson Stripey Scarf

Next on my creative crafting list is to make a colourful stripey scarf. I am joining in with the #MerryKnitmas Campaign from Fenetic Wellbeing, to help highlight how important it is for the elderly or vulnerable to keep warm during winter.  The scarf comes in kit form from Cath Kidston and includes some lovely bright coloured yarns and a pair of funky red knitting needles. I do love a crafting kit, the convenience of everything you need all together complete with instructions.

Knitting Keeps You Warm
I am not the only knitter in the family, my Aunt Betty who is well into her 80's has knitted for many years and is far more accomplished than I. I was the proud wearer of many a cardigan and jumper she had knitted me when I was a young girl. This month she started knitting herself a Tuck, something she can wear around the house to keep her upper body warm. You can see the progress she has made from the photo, you can also see exactly what a Tuck is from the pattern. I had never heard of a Tuck - you learn something new every day!
knitting to keep warm Patons tuck pattern
The neck part of knitting a Tuck
Even with the fire on older people feel the cold and it is important they keep themselves warm as they move around their home from room to room. Particularly if they do not have central heating. If you have an elderly relative please make sure they have their heating or fire on to maintain a warm house, only putting the heating on once they feel the cold is too late. 

At night a hot water bottle (or two if you are my aunt) are just the trick to keep you warm. I like to wear socks at night, my feet get terribly cold. Both these would make for great winter knits to keep you warm - a knitted a hot water bottle cover or some bed socks? 

Merry Knitmas everyone!

Disclosure: This is a collaboration post with Fenetic Wellbeing.
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