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Steps to Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

The secret to indulging yourself is invariably time, for time is the enemy for any busy person. I am lucky working from home, I get to decide my own schedule how much work I want to take on and more importantly how much free time I want. 
Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

But like most people I do cherish my free time, my chance to indulge in the hobbies and interests I love. But sometimes it is nice not to be doing anything of consequence, and we should feel no guilt in doing so. These small moments of time help with our wellness.   

My Steps to Relaxing 
Step 1.  Create a relaxing cosy environment - fire one, scented candles lit.

Step 2.  Cup of tea brewed to perfection, feet up.

Step 3.  Mobile phone on mute, favourite magazine to hand.

Step 4. Snuggle into your favourite chair and open a bar of Chocolate and Love.

Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

This was just how I enjoyed the bars of chocolate recently sent to me from Chocolate and Love. So I make no apologies for indulging and enjoying bars of Chocolate and Love including these lovely flavours:- 

Sea Salt & Caramel 55% Creamy Dark Chocolate
Mint 67% Dark Chocolate with Mint Crunch
Creamy Dark 55% Creamy Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs
Coffee 55% Dark Chocolate Coffee
Orange 65% Dark Chocolate with Orange

The description for the creamy dark chocolate is so right, it has an intense chocolate taste without the bitterness but a creamy mellow richness. I can say this with confidence as I am just eating the last of the Sea Salt & Caramel bar as I finish this blog post. Truly a delicious indulgence.
Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

Now the dark chocolate mint bar, is my favourite I also enjoyed this grated on top of a hot chocolate. 

Chocolate and Love the Facts
The inside of the wrapper to each bar of chocolate has lots of information about the brand, the product and the source of the chocolate. 
Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

The chocolate is organic and the ingredients fully traceable. They use only the best cacao sourced from Peru, Panama and Dominican Republic, and the product is ethically made. They source their cacao, cane sugar and vanilla from cooperatives certified by Fairtrade, this can include small family farms.  Even the wrappers are made using FCS paper, 

Chocolate and Love bars are made in Switzerland, the home of world chocolate. They have won numerous Good Taste awards in the last 6 years. You can purchase bars of Chocolate and Love from Sainsburys supermarkets or online at Ocado or Amazon

How you decide to enjoy yours is up to you, nibble it, eat it by the chunk, or grate it on top of a hot chocolate. Whichever way you are sure to enjoy it, this is how all chocolate should be. 

Which flavour Chocolate and Love bar could you not resist?

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of chocolate for the purposes of this review. 
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  1. I love how you think, relaxing with chocolate, perfection.


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