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Reading Challenge 2016 Final Update

This is my final update on my 2016 Reading Challenge, I set myself a target to read 20 books during the course of the year. I have made progress with my plan to include well known authors and books that are seen as classics. 

Catch up with my reviews below, before discovering how I did with my  Reading Challenge - did I manage 20 books! Each review includes a brief story synopsis, absolutely no spoilers and my views on how I found the book and if I would recommend it.
Reading Challenge book review The Grand Duchess of Nowhere Period Drama Scifi

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
The adventures of David Balfour, a young orphan, as he journeys through the dangerous Scottish Highlands in an attempt to regain his rightful inheritance.
I read this book as it filled my brief of wanting to read classic and well known authors. Stevenson is best known for writing Treasure Island, and maybe I should have chosen this book as my first novel from this author. But I had bought this in a box with other box and crafting goodies at a clearance sale.

Set during 1751 in the Scottish Highlands and the seas around Scotland, shortly after the final Jacobite uprising against the English throne.  David Balfour sets out from his rural home to seek out his birth right. He is double crossed by a family member and finds himself aboard a ship destined for America. In order to survive David makes some drastic decisions. During his journey he has to dodge English red coats, and seek the help of highlanders.


Download the Free ebook

I enjoyed the beginning and end of the story, but found the middle repetitive which left me rather disengaged from the story. You may enjoy it more than I, though I did enjoy the historical context of the book which also improved my knowledge of Scottish history.

This book is available for free as an ebook on kindle or kindle app. Why not download the book yourself, I would love to know if you agree with my review.
I scored this book 3/5 on Goodreads.

The Grand Duchess of Nowhere by Laurie Graham
There is one great love in everyone's life.

For Ducky, Princess Victoria Melita, hers was a Romanov cousin, a member of the doomed Russian royal family. Her father is Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Victoria's second son. Her mother is Grand Duchess Marie, the daughter of Tsar Alexander II. Ducky seems doomed to be a pawn on her grandmother's dynastic chessboard.

But Ducky is not so easily controlled. In an era when death is considered preferable to divorce she fights for the freedom to be with the true love of her life. From disgraced exile in Paris to the glitter of St Petersburg and the mud and carnage of the Eastern Front, she forges her own path.

As Russia descends into the chaos of 1917 and the Romanov dynasty falters, Ducky is right at the heart of events.

Exiled once more, she tells us her story.
Download the Kindle Edition now

This is the first Laurie Graham book I have read, I will certainly read more I really enjoyed her style of writing. The story flowed and made for easy enjoyable reading, I can see why it sold over 2 million copies on Kindle. I have read little about the down fall of the Russian royal family, so I do not know how accurate this book is to history. I think my favourite novels are those with a historical setting,  one of the reasons I so enjoyed this book. Although I knew there were connections between the royal houses of Europe I do not think I had really appreciated just how far it extended deep into the Baltic countries. 

I was totally taken in with the story, emotion and the characters in the book. You do have to pay attention, the book though easy to read has quite a complex story line. Lots of cris crossing of who is in which family and how are they connected to the other royal families. The harsh realities of war, winter and uprising goes to show what a survivor the main character Ducky is. I have no hesitation in recommending this book, an excellent read.
I scored this book the maximum 5 stars.

Happy Christmas by Daphne du Maurier

A very short story, with a Christmas theme, if I divulge any more I may give the story away. This is the first time I have read a Daphne du Maurier, I found it a good introduction to her writing style, which I enjoyed. This short story is anything but a happy Christmas, but it delivers a thought provoking message to the reader. Set in the home of a well to do family in the 1950's the storyline would not be out of place today. Reading the book most people today would be appalled at the attitude Mr & Mrs Lawrence show towards their unexpected Christmas visitors. But in fact I found it is a sad reminder that some attitudes, even today have not changed.  

This book is difficult to find, it is available from Amazon but worth looking out at secondhand bookshops. 

I scored this book 4/5 on Goodreads.

Reading Challenge 2016 Update

I have just started my next book a science fiction read - V The Next Generation by Kenneth Johnson, sadly it will not be finished in time for my 2016 Reading Challenge.

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Angela has read 15 books toward her goal of 20 books.

Talking of my 2016 Reading Challenge, I am a little disappointed to have not hit my goal of reading 20 books. But I did manage 15 books, the same as my 2015 Reading Challenge. I realise that reading and discovering new hobbies such as crochet all use up time. So it is not such a bad thing to miss out on reading an extra 5 books, when I have discovered a new hobby.  

Catch up with my previous book reviews for 2016
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Have you read any good books of late?
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Reading Challenge book review The Grand Duchess of Nowhere Period Drama Scifi

Contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of the books above using my link, I will receive a small commission. This income allows me to share my recipes, review and crafting adventures with you.
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Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone of my readers a Happy Christmas!

This final week to the build up of the big day and been fun, creative and relaxing. I have managed to complete a few festive makes, spend time with my niece and visit some relatives. I even made it to the cinema to watch the latest Star Wars film Rouge One, which by the way was very good with some great surprises for those of us that love the original films. 
Crocheted Christmas Lights Pattern

Crocheted Christmas Lights
I managed to finish my crocheted Christmas lights, a little fiddly when you first start crocheting each bulb, but once you have completed a few you soon settle into the pattern. Having never really crocheted using black yarn I had not appreciation just how tricky it is - even in good light. These are now hanging up over the door frame, with the bonus of not needing to worry about forgetting to turn them off!
Handmade Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath
Putting everything I have learned about Flower arranging from the Flower Start course I completed this year, I made a Christmas wreath using greenery from my garden. This will be taken to the grave of my grandparents later this week. 
Yogi Tea Christmas Tea
Christmas Tea Stocking
Remember to hang up your Christmas stocking! What a lucky blogger I am to receive a wonderful Christmas hamper from Yogi Teas including their Christmas Tea. This wonderful Christmas stocking also included many more herbal and spice teas from Yogi Tea.
Erdigg National Trust Alice Wonderland Trail
Erdigg National Trust Visit
Making the most of the mild weather a car full of family visited the National Trust property Erdigg, just over the border into Wales. They had a special Alice in Wonderland trail which took us around the gardens and lower part of the house. I have visited a few times, and will be back again, the servants areas of this property are particularly interesting. 

Chocolate chip shortbread recipe
Festive Chocolate Chip Shortbread  
I have been getting my bake on this week with these buttery festive Chocolate Chip Shortbread biscuits. I love them baked so they have a nice crunch. They are very easy to make with just 4 ingredients, you can find my recipe on my Facebook page.

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Classic Christmas Movie & Goodwill Hamper

For the last few years once December arrives I make a positive effort to embrace the build up of the festive season. I  like to do one festive activity a day, it helps me to get through my Christmas to do list, add some fun things into the mix and to keep my Christmas spirit flowing.
Goodwill Hamper Dobies of Devon Classic Christmas movie Its a wonderful life
Some of My Festive Activities
  • Buy myself a Christmas Treat
  • Visit a German Christmas Market
  • Watch a Christmas movie
  • Write my Christmas cards
  • Attend a Christmas Carols service or sing along
  • Decorate my Christmas Tree
  • Bake some Christmas sweet goodies
  • Visit a National Trust property decorated for Christmas
  • Enjoy a Christmas Hot Chocolate out and about
Today is the day I can tick off watch a Christmas movie - It's a Wonderful Life. So joined by my sister we settled down in front of the tv on a unseasonably warm December day with a selection of treats to accompany the film.  What better time to open the Goodwill Hamper received from Dobies of Devon
Goodwill Hamper Dobies of Devon Classic Christmas movie Its a wonderful life

Good Will Hamper
The Good Will hamper was packed with lovely treats, I had already visited my Aunt Betty who is in her 8O's that morning and shared out some of the contents, she does love fudge particularly when it has a drop of Whiskey in it. 

Hamper items included:
  • Cornish tea bags 
  • Honey Oatie Flips 
  • Strawberry & Champagne Conserve 
  • Chocolate Chip Biscuits 
  • Clotted Cream Shortbread
  • Malt whiskey fudge
Goodwill Hamper Dobies of Devon Classic Christmas movie Its a wonderful life
So we settled down with our lovely Cornish cup of tea and the Clotted Cream Shortbread Biscuits, which I will be honest got eaten rather quickly! I always think any biscuit that contains oats to be healthy and the fact that it also has honey in it has me convinced the Honey Oatie Flips must be the healthiest of biscuits :) 

I think a nice batch of homemade scones will be perfect to serve the Strawberry & Champagne Converse. Or do you think it a little  to decadent to use this on my toast in a morning, no surely not.  

What a fabulous little hamper (costs £22.99) containing just the right balance of treats whilst relaxing at home with your feet up watching a movie or reading a book. The perfect gift for a relative or friend. 
Goodwill Hamper Dobies of Devon, Classic Christmas movie Its a wonderful life
It's a Wonderful Life
A few years ago one of the Christmas presents from my parents was a DVD of the Classic Christmas movie, Its a Wonderful Life. For reasons unknown to myself I think I must be the only person not to have see this film.  A black and white classic, it had elements of  Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol in the story. I enjoyed the second half of the film greatly, nice to see George Bailey played by Jimmy Stewart who did so many good deeds in his life be rewarded by his friends and neighbours when he faces financial ruin. 

In the build up to Christmas was this not the perfect way to spend a few hours, treats and a classic festive film.
Goodwill Hamper Dobies of Devon Classic Christmas movie Its a wonderful life
Do you enjoy treats when you watch a Christmas movie?  

Disclosure: I received a hamper from Dobies of Devon for the purposes of this review.
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Knitting to Keep Warm During Winter #MerryKnitmas

A great way to stay warm when you venture out during the colder winter months is to ensure you are wrapped up snug. A hand knitted scarf, hat, and gloves are the perfect accessories not only will they keep you toastie warm, but you will have the satisfaction that you made them yourself. 
knitting to keep warm Cath Kidson Stripey Scarf
Cath Kidston Stripey Scarf Knitting Kit
Not an accomplished knitter? Then try your hand at a scarf using the simple knit stitch, there is nothing too tricky in knitting a scarf. I knitted a wonderful grey scarf last year, using a slightly different knit to standard knit or purl stitch, but it was nothing too tricky. A few months ago I made my first hat, it looks like a hat, heck it is a hat but I would not say it was perfect - slightly on the small side, not that I am saying I have a big head you understand! One to attempt again another time I think. 
knitting to keep warm Cath Kidson Stripey Scarf

Next on my creative crafting list is to make a colourful stripey scarf. I am joining in with the #MerryKnitmas Campaign from Fenetic Wellbeing, to help highlight how important it is for the elderly or vulnerable to keep warm during winter.  The scarf comes in kit form from Cath Kidston and includes some lovely bright coloured yarns and a pair of funky red knitting needles. I do love a crafting kit, the convenience of everything you need all together complete with instructions.

Knitting Keeps You Warm
I am not the only knitter in the family, my Aunt Betty who is well into her 80's has knitted for many years and is far more accomplished than I. I was the proud wearer of many a cardigan and jumper she had knitted me when I was a young girl. This month she started knitting herself a Tuck, something she can wear around the house to keep her upper body warm. You can see the progress she has made from the photo, you can also see exactly what a Tuck is from the pattern. I had never heard of a Tuck - you learn something new every day!
knitting to keep warm Patons tuck pattern
The neck part of knitting a Tuck
Even with the fire on older people feel the cold and it is important they keep themselves warm as they move around their home from room to room. Particularly if they do not have central heating. If you have an elderly relative please make sure they have their heating or fire on to maintain a warm house, only putting the heating on once they feel the cold is too late. 

At night a hot water bottle (or two if you are my aunt) are just the trick to keep you warm. I like to wear socks at night, my feet get terribly cold. Both these would make for great winter knits to keep you warm - a knitted a hot water bottle cover or some bed socks? 

Merry Knitmas everyone!

Disclosure: This is a collaboration post with Fenetic Wellbeing.
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Win Ryobi One+ Palm Sander, Charger & Rechargeable Battery

I am so pleased to be linking up with Ryobi Power Tools for this very special Christmas Giveaway. Throughout the festive period Ryobi have been giving away products from their One+ cordless power tool range along with their fun Christmas Jumpers. 

So I am delighted that Ryobi are offering a Garden Tea Cakes and Me reader the chance to win a 18V Cordless Palm Sander R18PS-0 from the One+ range, a charger and 18v 2.5 AH Lithium battery worth £159. 
Ryobi One+ Power Tool Palm Sander giveaway

Win a One+ 18V Cordless Ryobi Palm Sander 
Win Ryobi Cordless Palm Sander

  • Ideal for light to medium weight applications such as fine finishing and paint removal
  • 1.8mm orbital sanding motion for fast and efficient stock removal
  • Compact design allows users to sand easily in corners and tight spaces
  • Quick fit hook and loop sanding sheet attachment
  • Triangular pad design for sanding up to the edge in tight corners
  • Includes 6 sanding sheets (2x60, 2x120 and 2x240 Grit)       
The ONE+ cordless technology offers reliable and powerful power to your Ryobi tool of choice. Once you have a charger and battery pack it will interchange with any of the power tools is the Ryobi ONE+ range. 

The palm sander is the perfect tool to help with any DIY projects you may have planned in the new year. Or maybe you are a lover of upcyling furniture, and have some old dark wood furniture you want to breath new life into. I transformed my storage unit in my craft room.                         
I was impressed earlier this year with the Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer, the rechargeable battery powered hedge trimmer was a real winner which just kept on going.
Upcycle furniture palm sander ryobi

How to enter (giveaway closed)

To be in with a chance of winning this lovely prize confirm your entry/entries using the Rafflecopter competition widget below. Just login or register with your email in the widget below, you can get extra entries by completing the additional tasks. 

Come back every day to get an extra free entry!

Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Closes 1 January 2017. Winner must respond within ten days of being notified, after which time a new winner will be selectedUK entrants only. For Terms and Conditions click the link on the Rafflecopter widget.
If any of the links are not working on the widget leave me a comment on this blog post or tweet me.

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Latest Bedroom Decorating Trends

I have spoken before about how your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary - a place you can retreat to, relax, unwind and recharge your batteries.
To help you make this space truly special, bespoke fitted bedrooms specialist Norwood Interiors has taken a look at some of the top bedroom trends of the moment and how you can work them into your home.
Latest Scandi Inspired Bedroom Trends
Photo Credit: David Mao Unsplash
Transform your bedroom today with the following home improvement tips from Norwood Interiors:

Scandinavian-inspired settings
An interior trend that is just as popular in 2016 as it was in 2015, Scandinavian style means minimal clutter, the use of bare materials and giving a room a bright and clean atmosphere by means of minimalism.
Here’s a few ways to go down the Nordic path with your bedroom today:

  1. Choose a grey and off-white colour palette, along with warm wooden accents.
  2. Drench your bedroom in plenty of natural light by choosing not to hang curtains.
  3. Keep floorboards bare. 
  4. Accessorise with lots of indoor plants.
  5. Opt for clever furniture with hidden compartments which will keep stuff stored out of sight when they aren’t in use.
Reclaimed wood

We have already touched on bringing wood into your bedroom with a Scandinavian-inspired setting, but another way to use the material to great effect in this space is by using reclaimed wood.
A favourite with eco-conscious homeowners, reclaimed wood also brings textural beauty to a bedroom when its used as the material of choice for your room’s accent walls. It seamlessly blends into any style of bedroom too.
Hoping to introduce more reclaimed wood into your bedroom? Everything from side tables to ceiling inserts and a custom bed can be designed to great effect with this material.
After a number of years of wallpaper taking a back seat to painted walls and statement walls, its time for wallpaper to be popular once again in the decorating world.
A great way to usher in colour and contrast to your bedroom, you have a few options available when it comes to using wallpaper:
  • Opt for understated wallpaper and you’ll be able to add a new pattern to your bedroom without causing too much disturbance to the current colour scheme of the space.
  • Go for a vibrant pattern and your bedroom will come alive with the new decoration.
  • Choose to wallpaper only the smaller sections of your bedroom when you’re still working out whether this will be the best way to decorate the room.
Are you planning any room makeovers in the year ahead?

Disclosure: This is a collaborated post.
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Traditional Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I have been getting my Christmas craft on, and my sewing machine out to create a traditional Christmas stocking.  You just need a few basic sewing skills, some glue, crafting materials and a little creativity.
Victorian Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap
Victorian Christmas Stocking

I received a box of craft goodies from Turtle Mat along with the challenge to create a Christmas stocking.  Inspired by visiting many National Trust properties and some of the contents of the craft box, I could feel a Victorian Christmas Stocking calling me. Traditional items such as the hessian, pine cones and ornamental robins were all leading me down the Victorian path.

Items to Create a Victorian Christmas Stocking

Red Felt 2 sheets
Hessian ribbon
Ornamental robins
Glitter glue
Pine cone
Cream lace ribbon
Decorate ribbon
Jiggle bells

You will also need, sewing thread, needle.

Creating the Felt Stocking

I started by drawing a stocking shape, to maximise the piece of felt. 
Victorian Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap
  • Place the two pieces of felt on top of each other. Sew these together 1/2 cm from the edge leaving the top of the stocking open. What you see will eventually be the inside of the stocking.
  • The hessian trim, cut a long oblong piece of hessian to trim the top of your stocking. I would allow 3 cms at the bottom and end for when you sew, this will allow for fraying. Pin the hessian around the top of the stocking with the excess hessian above the edge of felt fabric, to check you have the right fit. When you join the hessian to create one loop the hem needs to be on the inside. Unpin to sew the hessian into a loop. 
Victorian Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap
  • Reattach the sew the hessian trim to the felt. (see photo)
  • Optional - you can sew any excess red felt to the inside of the stocking to provide a tidy cover to the hessian hem.
  • Turn the stocking inside out.
  • I also added a piece decorative lace to trim the outside of the hessian to add that Victorian feel.
  • Take a small piece of decorative ribbon to create a loop to sew at the top inside of the stocking so that you can hang it up.
Victorian Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap
Creating the Hessian Bow

You will need to cut 3 pieces of hessian ribbon (see photo) the sizes will depend on how big you want your bow in proportion to your stocking. 
Creating a bow Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap
  • One long piece will create the two tales of the bow. 
  • Two pieces you will need to sew to create a loop. The loops should be different sizes, these will sit on top of each other to create the top element of the bow. 
  • Place the smaller loop on top of the larger loop, pinch them in the middle, to create a gather. Place the middle of the long piece of ribbon at the back of the larger loop. Sew these together though the centre of the bow. Sew a smaller piece of folded ribbon to create a centre cover for the bow. Cut out small V's at the ends. 
  • I used some pieces of decorative lace ribbon and some lovely jingle bells to trim the bow. 
Creating a bow Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap

Finishing of the Christmas Stocking
Victorian Christmas Stocking Craft Tutorial Felt Burlap
  • Position the bow and secure it with some stitches. 
  • Use glitter glue to paint onto the pine cone, allow this to dry. 
  • Position and ornamental Robbins and pine cone - these should be secured by sewing them in place. You should be able to weave the thread around the base of the pine cone. 
You now have a wonderful Victorian style Christmas Stocking, ready to hang up waiting for Santa to leave his presents. 

You can watch my unboxing video on my You Tube channel to discover all the craft items I received for this Christmas Stocking challenge.

This is my entry to the Turtle Mat Christmas Stocking Craft challenge.
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Steps to Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

The secret to indulging yourself is invariably time, for time is the enemy for any busy person. I am lucky working from home, I get to decide my own schedule how much work I want to take on and more importantly how much free time I want. 
Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

But like most people I do cherish my free time, my chance to indulge in the hobbies and interests I love. But sometimes it is nice not to be doing anything of consequence, and we should feel no guilt in doing so. These small moments of time help with our wellness.   

My Steps to Relaxing 
Step 1.  Create a relaxing cosy environment - fire one, scented candles lit.

Step 2.  Cup of tea brewed to perfection, feet up.

Step 3.  Mobile phone on mute, favourite magazine to hand.

Step 4. Snuggle into your favourite chair and open a bar of Chocolate and Love.

Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

This was just how I enjoyed the bars of chocolate recently sent to me from Chocolate and Love. So I make no apologies for indulging and enjoying bars of Chocolate and Love including these lovely flavours:- 

Sea Salt & Caramel 55% Creamy Dark Chocolate
Mint 67% Dark Chocolate with Mint Crunch
Creamy Dark 55% Creamy Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs
Coffee 55% Dark Chocolate Coffee
Orange 65% Dark Chocolate with Orange

The description for the creamy dark chocolate is so right, it has an intense chocolate taste without the bitterness but a creamy mellow richness. I can say this with confidence as I am just eating the last of the Sea Salt & Caramel bar as I finish this blog post. Truly a delicious indulgence.
Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

Now the dark chocolate mint bar, is my favourite I also enjoyed this grated on top of a hot chocolate. 

Chocolate and Love the Facts
The inside of the wrapper to each bar of chocolate has lots of information about the brand, the product and the source of the chocolate. 
Relaxing with Chocolate and Love

The chocolate is organic and the ingredients fully traceable. They use only the best cacao sourced from Peru, Panama and Dominican Republic, and the product is ethically made. They source their cacao, cane sugar and vanilla from cooperatives certified by Fairtrade, this can include small family farms.  Even the wrappers are made using FCS paper, 

Chocolate and Love bars are made in Switzerland, the home of world chocolate. They have won numerous Good Taste awards in the last 6 years. You can purchase bars of Chocolate and Love from Sainsburys supermarkets or online at Ocado or Amazon

How you decide to enjoy yours is up to you, nibble it, eat it by the chunk, or grate it on top of a hot chocolate. Whichever way you are sure to enjoy it, this is how all chocolate should be. 

Which flavour Chocolate and Love bar could you not resist?

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of chocolate for the purposes of this review. 
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1920's Christmas Attingham Park Mansion National Trust

Some of your may recall that I volunteer at my local National Trust Property Sunnycroft, an Edwardian Villa and neighbour to another Shropshire National Trust property Attingham Park and Mansion.
National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas
Entrance Hall to the Mansion 
As local volunteers we were give the opportunity to enjoy a preview of Attingham Park mansion all dressed up for Christmas. Styled in a 1920's theme with beautiful soft lighting, it was very atmospheric and very Downton Abbey.  Hats off to the volunteers that dressed the rooms, there were an extensive number of beautiful Christmas trees and floral arrangements throughout the mansion. 
National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas
Attingham Picture Gallery
The dinning room looked spectacular, the table set for a beautiful party and a several Christmas trees along with a display of period 1920's costumes. They were not your average tree decorations either, many of them were decorated to an unique theme. The tree in the library was included with berries, feathers and deer antlers. I am sure they must have quite a supply of these as the mansion in set in the grounds of a deer park. The tree in the boudoir was covered in dried flowers including large hydrangea flower heads, this tree was much admired by the ladies that create the flower arrangements at Sunnycroft. Sadly I do not have a photograph of this, it is a small room with many people.
National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas
The Library tree with berries, feathers and deer antlers

National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas

There were so many beautiful Christmas Trees, which must of taken a great number of hours to dress. But I know they will be much admired by the thousands of visitors over the next few weeks. The afternoon ended with a sing song of Christmas carols in the picture gallery.

National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas
Be sure to find some time this festive season to visit and enjoy the beautifully dressed mansion at Attingham Park. Or of course Sunnycroft which is on a much small but no less grand scale.  

National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas
Not local to Shropshire? Try one of the many other National Trust properties that open in December and host special Christmas activities.

I am sharing my five favourite at Christmas Trees at Attigham Park for this weeks Five on Friday with Love Made My Home (see link in my sidebar).
National Trust Attingham Park Shropshire Christmas
Atmospheric Dining Room with period costume display
Do you have a favourite National Trust property to visit during December?
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