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Vintage Sweeties Childhood Favourites

There is no denying it I think I have the sweetest tooth in my family. Since I was young I have always favoured sweet over savoury, and that temptation has followed me through life. There is pretty much no day that goes by without me enjoying a sweetie or two.
childhood vintage sweets
Vintage Sweet Love 
Even today the popularity of vintage sweets continue, visions of jars of sweets lined in a row upon shelves, in a local sweet shop. Time spent desperately trying to decide on which of the many on display I wanted. You see, I had many favourites:- sweet and crunchy Sweet Peanuts, Strawberry Bonbons, Cola Cubes, Milk Teeth, fudge oh how I love fudge, chocolate Limes and white chocolate Jazzles

My mum is partial to liquorice comfits, sugared almonds and toffees. My sister enjoys violet and rose creams, which has proved very helpful for birthday gift ideas. Now my brother combines his love for liquorice and sherbet and would choose a sherbet dip every time.

Children's Vintage Favourites today
Floral gums and cherry lips are my eldest sisters favourites, yet they would not make it into my bag of sweets far too fragrant. Yet these two sweets are some of my 10 year old nieces favourites, something most children would turn their noses at. She has clearly been influenced by sisters choice, so much so that your 7th birthday cake was decorated with cherry lips and floral gums. 
childhood vintage sweets strawberry bonbon
Dreams of a sweet shop
I always dreamt as a girl of owning my very own sweet shop, something children today still dream of. With fond memories of receiving my own toy sweet shop, there was a squeal of delight when my niece too opened her first toy sweet shop. Weighing out your chosen treats on the mini scales and popping them into a candy striped paper bag,  a quick twizzle of the bag and you are a happy customer. Before you know it you will be running or your own sweet shop, or thinking bigger a wholesale sweets business - maybe I've been watching too much of The Apprentice! 

I will have a quarter of Sweet Peanuts please. Yes I still want to order my sweets in quarters, now I know that is not very metric of me but I just can not help myself. Curiously though a quarter is 113gr in metric. Still time to learn something new every day. 

Do you have a favourite childhood sweet you still enjoy today? 
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  1. I love lemon bonbons - I keep them warm in my hand (in the sweetie bag) so they are practically chew ready once they're in your mouth!

  2. For me it has to be fizzy cola bottles.

  3. Pineapple chunks, peanut brittle I could go on. I have a sweet tooth too.


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