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Tied Flower Posy | My Final FlowerStart Project

How to create a Tied Flower Posy? This was the final homework for the on line Flower Arranging Course I have been taking part in.  As with many of the homework projects on the FlowerStart Course from Julie Davies Flower Workshops it encourages your creativity. 

Hand Tied Flower Posy Arrangement
 Roses and Carnation Tied Posy
Creating a Hand Tied Posy
The aim of the tied posy theme was to create a posy you could give as a gift or keep for yourself. You have to treat the flowers differently to a standard flower arrangement. As you are arranging them in your hand and turning and adjusting them it is best not to use delicate flowers.  It was quite a challenge and I had not quite mastered the placing of them at an angle to start with, and decided to start again.  Fortunately I had chosen roses and carnations that were up to being handled repeatedly.  I re-watched the video and re read the notes. By my second attempt I was quite pleased with the results. Finally snipping off all the stems to an even length and securing them together with my garden twine.
Julie Davies Flower Arranging Courses FlowerStart
This arrangement was made using flowers from my local market, with winter beckoning there are virtually no flowers available in my garden. But oh how I can not wait for a new gardening year  when I can grow a good selection of cut flowers. 
Hand Tied Flower Posy Arrangement

Hand Tied Flower Posy Arrangement

My Flower Arrangements
I have succeeded in learning to condition my flowers, which flower food works best, arranging flowers in a square glass vase using wash tape, a flower arrangement in a jug, a teacup arrangement using flower foam and finally a tied posy. 

Flower Arrangement Teacup Flower Foam

Benefits of the FlowerStart Course 
One of the main benefits of the on line FlowerStart course from Julie Davies Flower Workshops is that you can complete it at your own pace. Which I am so thankful for, although I started the course at the beginning of September I became ill early in October and was not able to participate until mid November.  I felt I was not rushed or under pressure to complete my homework or lessons, you really can work at your own pace. I could still interact with the group and enjoyed seeing how others were progressing in the FlowerStart Facebook group. 

I have learnt so much during the course, I received such positive feedback from family and friends who have seen my arrangements and flower experiments. My virtual friends on social media have all been so supportive too. 
Flower Food Experiment Home Schooling
Pushing yourself to learn a new skill or hobby is so rewarding, I found the course informative and friendly and a supportive way of finding myself a new creative skill I can use again and again. 

Join In
If you have any questions about the course please post a comment below or email me and I will do my best to help. Or read Julie's FlowerStart Frequently Asked Questions, where I am sure you will find all you need. You can sign up to the 4 week FlowerStart course for £89.

Hand tied posy flower arrangement in jug
Hand Tied Flower Posy FlowerStart Flower arrangement idea.

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Disclosure: I received a subscription for the FlowerStart course in exchange for this review.
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  1. Certainly looks like a great course.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind review of #FlowerStart - you get extra marks for getting your posy to stand up on it's own!


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