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Christmas Crafts Glitter Pine Cones Tutorial

This is such a simple and fun Christmas craft activity. Collect pine cones from your garden or in my case my sisters garden dot with a little glue, some coloured glitter and just 10 minutes later some fun and sparkly Christmas decorations. If you do not have a pine tree to hand you can find nets of pine cones for sale in your local craft store or online. 
easy pine cone crafts Christmas glitter kids crafts christmas

Christmas Glitter Pine Cones

Equipment Needed

Pine Cones  £3
Glue (PVA) £2.50
Glue Brush  £1
Assorted Glitters £1
Dish for glue
Piece of paper (to collect your sprinkled glitter)
easy pine cone crafts Christmas glitter kids crafts christmas
Get crafting...
  • Clear some space on a table.  
  • Make sure your pine cones are clean and dry if from your garden.
  • Pour some glue into a dish.
  • Using a brush dab the glue onto the ends of the pine cone.
  • Open the lid to your glitter, and carefully sprinkle your chosen colour over the glued areas on the pine cone. 
  • Place the pine cone to one side to dry.
  • Continue on with your next cone if you are using the same colour glitter.
  • Carefully pour the excess glitter back into the pot. 
I used pink glitter to match my craft room and have the cones lined up on my window sill. They look fun and funky for Christmas.

You can use these pretty glittery pine cones to decorate your tree, tie a a piece of ribbon around them. Or use them in a glass bowl placed on a side board or table.
easy pine cone crafts Christmas glitter kids crafts christmas

Looking for more Christmas craft ideas follow my Pinterest Board. 

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  1. Such a great idea to get the children out looking for the cones before doing the activity.

  2. These are SO cute!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  3. Kids would love this fun activity. My little ones love anything glittery. #HandmadeMonday

  4. So pretty a bowl full of glittery pine cones, perfect for Christmas in the hallway

  5. So simple, so pretty. We have some pine cones knocking around somewhere and I have a bowl thats needs something pretty. I may have a play later in the week and see if the two can't combine!

  6. So simple but so effective:) so far the kids have forgotten that Christmas equals glitter, shhh nobody tell them!!!


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