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Managing Your Health: Living with a Disability

Every now and then life reminds you that whilst you value your health you also take it for granted. If like me you live with a disability you make certain adjustments to your day to day life to manage and limit and the effects it can have on you physically. Saving your energy for not just living but enjoying life too.

I have spoken in the past about my disability Scoliosis, and also how I have changed my lifestyle to best help me manage living with scoliosis. 

Planning the thinking ahead is important to manage any disability, here is how I manage and achieve this balance. 

Physio Therapy and Medication Reviews
If you have been given exercises to do from a physiotherapist it is important to make them part of your routine. It is easy to miss a day and then a week, which then turns into a month. But continuing with them is important to manage any ongoing condition. Maybe use a physio diary to manage and keep track of your exercises.

You should also make sure you attend an annual medication review with your GP, nurse or pharmacist. Be sure to listen and to ask any questions you may have about your medication. 

Making Changes
Adapting and planning ahead to your needs will help keep you mobile and comfortable. Some changes around the home that can help are an adjustable bed, I have a memory foam mattress which perfectly supports my scoliosis 's' shaped spine. Having had a number of knee surgeries, walk in showers offer great bathing solutions, and somewhere to sit post knee surgery was essential to avoid accidental slipping. 
Bathing solutions walk in shower
Photo credit: Bathing Solutions
Pacing Yourself
I use the timer on my mobile phone to manage and limit any activities I do. This helps remind me to stop, step away and take a breath. Allowing you the energy to complete the tasks you need to do in phases and the activities you love, such as a hobby or maybe a visit with friends for a meal out.

Most importantly listen to your body, if you can not do everything then accept this and find your balance for what is achievable. If you need help from family and friends do not be afraid to ask, you will find they want to help.

Find out more on the breaking down barriers campaign

Do you live with a disability? Do you have any tips on how you manage your health?

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  1. I have a walk in shower with a seat. I do find it hard to get physio help, I feel once I was in a wheelchair then trying to walk was not expected anymore, which I find frustrating so I find my own way to do things. I do feel very strongly that disabled people are treated in many ways as second class citizens xx


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