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Learning Crochet with Beautiful Things - Intermediate Course

My understanding of crochet is growing rapidly. I have now completed the intermediate learn to crochet course from Beautiful Things.

Having already learnt the basics on the beginners crochet course I was very eager to take my crochet to the next level and get creative. You do not need to have completed the beginners crochet course, if you already have the basic skills of the main stitches but lack confidence to progress further this course would be perfect for you. As with the previous course you have access to exclusive video tuition and a pdf instruction manual.
Learn to Crochet Intermediate Level
My parcel of crochet goodies for the course arrived. These essential items are perfect for the beginner who will have little or no crochet equipment or yarn. I have left a link at the bottom of this post for you to watch my unboxing video, you can see all the goodies I received. 

What did I learn on the intermediate crochet course?

  • Reminders of some of the basics (always good for a beginner!)
  • Creating crochet circles
  • How to join in a new colour
  • Creating a granny stripe for a blanket
  • How to create a granny square in a single colour
  • How to create a granny square of different colours
  • How to darn in the ends
  • How to flatten your work technically this is called blocking, who knew!
I was amazed at just how easy changing colour was, for some reason I had thought it was going to be so tricky. Just like the beginners course, tutor Claire shares plenty of tips and tricks that only an expert knows and makes learning so much easier for someone new to crocheting.

As always the private Facebook group that also supports this course was very helpful. Even having completed the course you can still share your creations, it is such a nice group of fellow crocheters. 
Learn to Crochet Intermediate Level Beautiful Things

What have made? 
With all these skills you must be wondering what I have been up to. Having completed the course it has given me the confidence, I am now happy to walk into my local wool shop with out feeling like I have no idea what I need. I purchased some wool in red and cream and decided to keep things simple and make a blanket made from large granny squares. I have made quite a few granny squares, they all need the ends darning and blocking.
Giant Granny Squares
Giant Granny Squares
What I plan to make next
Inspired by all the wonderful crochet creations on Instagram and other blogs. I have just ordered more wool, this time to create a striped blanket. I have also added to my crochet hook collection with a 9mm hook, specifically to use with some chunky wool I have, hopefully to make myself a snood for winter. I can see I am going to have a number of crochet projects on the go, but I am sure in the world of crochet this is not unheard of! 

Read more about my earlier crochet adventure

Learning to crochet has opened up a whole new hobby and interest to me, as well as acquiring a new skill. If you have been thinking about it but have not had the courage to try, I can not recommend it enough, both the beginners and intermediate course have been fantastic. 

Find out more about the course on the Beautiful Things website. You can now purchase this course without the materials, perfect if you already have some experience, wool and a crochet hook.

Follow my crafting adventures on Instagram at ShropshireCrafter.

Disclosure: I received the intermediate crochet course from Beautiful Things for the purpose of this review. 

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  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful review and post Ange. I can see I might need to do a course on joining and borders for you!

  2. Angela - what a busy bee you are! A friend taught me to crochet a few years ago, I prefer it to knitting as it's so much quicker. The thing I use most is the wash bag I made out of plastic string, which I take to the swimming pool with me.

  3. I am a great fan of crochet, loving the quickness that it grows and how versatile patterns are. You are doing really well with your new found hobby.

  4. I have just bought the beginners course. Apart from not holding the yarn quite like Claire shows due to my arthritic middle finger I am doing ok.

    1. Well done Wendy you will soon be addicted to crochet just like I am. Claire explains everything so clearly. I found that once I got into a rhythm with my hook and yarn I too adjusted how I hold it. Sounds like you are doing great - you will be making a blanket before you know it :)



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