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Flower Start - Online Flower Arranging Classes

The opportunity to learn something new is one I will rarely refuse, particularly when it is something creative and can be combine with my love for the garden. For the last few weeks I have been enrolled in Julie Davies Flower Start classes, a 4 week online flower arranging class. You may have spotted my first week of flower arrangements on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts. 

I like this way of learning, no early mornings, not travelling, an most importantly no pressure. The course allows you to work at your own pace, no set deadlines.  
Each week you create one main flower arrangement. To prepare you for your weekly project you receive 3 emails, these help you to start thinking like a flower arranger. They may focus of colour, greenery or texture or how to prepare your flowers. They are also supported with some very inspirational Pinterest boards too. 

I have found the step by step photos, video and written course notes, easy to follow and very helpful. It is not just about the arranging of flowers, but also understanding how to care for and treat your flowers before you start the arranging. It really does make all the difference to how long your flowers will last, whether they are shop bought or cut fresh from your garden. Or learning how to use flower foam correctly, so many invaluable tips and I am only on the second week.

You are able to share your creations or ask any question through the private Facebook group set up specifically for the course. Julie gives constructive feedback, but you also get to virtually meet your fellow students too, along with all their amazing creations.  I enjoyed sharing my arrangements with the group and it was also nice to see how everyone else did, it is such a relaxing group there is no competitiveness to it.  I was lucky that I could use flowers and foliage from my garden, although initially I did buy some flowers. 
Week 2 Homework - Flower Arrangement in a tea cup
Week 2 Homework - Flower arrangement in a tea cup
I am thoroughly enjoying learning how to arrange flowers. I have quite a collection of vases in the cupboard, so it is refreshing that I can now understand the right way to use them and create a beautiful display from a bouquet of flowers. So far I have created a flower display in a square glass vase, and a display in a tea cup.
This method of learning has been such a pleasurable experience, I have particularly enjoyed this weeks arrangement 'the tea cup'. All the flowers and foliage I used were from my own garden, and I am over the moon with how it looks. I feel this could be the start of a regular tea cup display!

About Julie Davies
Julie is a trained florist, and also teaches flower arranging workshops in Kent. The use of technology now allows Julie to teach anyone with access to a computer how to arrange flowers. The FlowerStart courses were created especially for those of us whose home or work commitments prevent you from signing up for traditional evening classes.

Enrol in the next course
Want to enrol and learn how to flower arrange, enrol on the next 4 week FlowerStart Class costing £89. Do not worry too much about not having all the kit to take part.  Julie also suggests alternative items eg. jam jars that you are sure to have at home.
flower arrangement glass square vase
Week 1 Homework - Arrangement in a glass square vase

Disclosure: I received free FlowerStart classes for the purpose of this review
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  1. I can't get enough of your fabulous tea cup and saucer arrangement Angela - it makes me smile each time I see it! I'm so pleased you've been enjoying your time with me online - I'm looking forward to seeing your next arrangements ...

  2. So pretty and a nice relaxing way to learn xx

  3. Your teacup arrangement looks amazing, what a great way to learn a new craft.

  4. Hi Ange - I've just updated my website so making it easier to pay online for this class (it would make a great Christmas gift)


    Happy flowers! Julie x


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