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My Crochet Adventures

Following on from my previous post on learning to crochet with Beautiful Things, I thought it was time for an update. First I have to say that once you find yourself a comfy spot there really is no stopping, even just practicing is very therapeutic.
Double Crochet
So, I've watched the introduction and read the beginning of the booklet that accompanies the course. Following the instructions was straight forward and Claire at Beautiful Things explains and demonstrates everything so clearly. When I filmed my unboxing video I did not spot that there were two lovely stitch markers attached to the balls of wool in the starter pack.
I now understand:-
  • How to hold and crochet hook and manage my yarn.
  • How to create a straight and smooth chain of stitches.
  • How to control the crochet tension.
  • Produce consistently even double crochet.
  • What a stitch marker is for. Yes I know it sounds obvious but I just thought I left my hook in the loop and hoped it would not fall out.
An even chain of crochet
More to the point I don't just feel that I understand the basics I actually feel comfortable with what I know. I realise now that how holding and yarn and hook correctly removes many of the mistakes I was making.  Being able to understand the stitches and controlling the tension of the crochet makes it relaxing. I hope this continues when it comes to reading and following a pattern.
Learning to crochet wth Beautiful Things
Next I am learning how to cast off and how to treble crochet and will also create my first project, a flower. My crochet adventures continue...

You can watch my Crochet Starter Kit Unboxing video on my YouTube Channel.

Disclosure: I received a free subscription to Beautiful Things Beginners Crochet
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  1. It will become addictive, I am sure.

  2. Glad you are enjoying it so much and doing so well!

  3. I'm going to keep this blog post for my summer holidays! Lovely wool colours too X

  4. Once you've started crocheting, you can't stop practising because it becomes addictive indeed! Have a nice day. Evelyne from France


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