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Affordable Garden Art for your Garden

contemporary garden art cherry
Recently I have added a contemporary garden ornament to my garden in Shropshire. Discovering intriguing and appealing art at large country gardens and historic properties properties is more popular now than ever. Just look at the success and emotion stirred by the poppies display at The Tower of London recently. It brings art and sculpture in a natural setting to many people. Over the years I have enjoyed inspiring sculpture trails at Hidcote Gardens, and a very modern take on art in the grounds of Ludlow Castle. Now with New Garden Style it is easier and affordable to add your own contemporary piece of art into your own garden, to enjoy every day.
Cherry art in garden
Having been given a choice of stylish garden ornaments from New Garden Style to choose from, I settled on a stylish quirky cherry. The over sized shiny cherry,  is made from premium poly resin and weighs 1 kg. It arrives in two separate pieces the stalk and cherry, which are simply attached by screwing the stalk into the cherry. It is weather and frost resistant, just as well here in the UK. There are four rubber studs at the base of the cherry to ensure it sits neatly in place, along with a small hole so that any rain water can drain away. You also only need a damp cloth to polish it up if it becomes a little dusty. 
contemporary garden art cherry
This quirky, shiny and fun piece of art has created much interest when family and friends have visited. I chose this particular design because I grow a lot of fruit in my garden, but I don't have room for a cherry tree so this is my way of including it. It moved around the garden at first until I settled on its final spot.
Apple and Cherry Tree
It catches the shadows of the sun through the day, particularly at dusk. It is know position on the edge of my top lawn just before the stone steps to the lower garden. It is view able from the garden room in the house, so no matter the weather I can sit and enjoy it. I am particularly looking forward the Winter when the cherry red will add some much needed colour and interest to the garden, how will it look after a frost or with a spiders web on it.  
I was also really taken with the white snail design, which I think would look ideal if you have an area of the garden with mostly white flowers. If these are a little too contemporary for you there is a a wonderful rusted steel sphere that you can add a nightlight to. 
You can use your ornament to create a focal point or by cleverly positioning it draws the eye to an area of your garden.   Or for an element of surprise position it around a corner waiting to be discovered.
From the contemporary to nature inspired creations, New Garden Style Ornaments have a wide range of garden art. From £25 to £120 there is something for all tastes and budget. The medium cherry costs £45. 

Do you have any art or ornaments in your garden?

Disclosure: I was sent the medium cherry ornament for the purposes of this review. 
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