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How to Sow Sunflower Seeds

April - May is the perfect time to start sowing Sunflower seeds, whether you are aiming for the tallest Sunflower in your street or a beautiful display of pot dwarf Sunflowers.
How to Sow Sunflower seeds
I have grown Little Leo Sunflower seeds for the last few years, they are a dwarf variety and perfect for pots making a great patio display. Along with the Little Leo variety I will also be growing Black Magic Sunflowers, they have dark chocolate brown flowers and grow to around a metre tall.
Sunflowers are easy to grow, just follow these few simple steps suitable for all varieties.
You will need:-
- Small pots
- Multi Purpose Compost

- Sunflower Seeds

- Labels

How to sow sunflowers seeds
- Fill your pots with compost
- Add two seeds to each pot and cover with  half an inch of compost, and tamper the soil down gently
- Water your pots
- Add a label
- Leave in a sunny sheltered spot in the garden or in an unheated greenhouse.

How to sow sunflowers seeds

                  How to sow sunflowers seeds
Check them regularly in case they need watering, also check the pots have not blown over on a windy day.
In a few weeks you should have a small sunflower sprouting.  
Plant out in there final sunny location in the garden when they are around 10cms tall, as they grow taller tie them to a support cane using twine.

Try planting the seeds directly into the ground and see what happens. If I did this the squirrels would soon discover them and they would never make it to seedlings.
How to grow sunflowersEnjoy your wonderful display of Sunflowers that will be much admired by visitors or passers by.

Plan ahead for free Sunflowers for next year
In Autumn you will also find my guide to saving Sunflower seeds helpful.
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  1. Ours are coming up well in pots - but not in the ground. Not sure if it was the squirrel or the slugs that had them! Hope yours do well for you this year!

  2. I adore everything about this post. it's basically my life. me time = best time.xxx


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