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Tutorial Washi Tape / Ribbon Paperclip Bookmarks

I am rather excited to share this news, I have discovered stop motion filming, having recently watched and been inspired by a friends lego film.  So I decided to 'get my craft on' and film a short video on creating Washi Tape or Fabric Ribbon Paperclip bookmarks. I have made these for a year or so, mostly using fabric ribbon and have been sharing them around the family. Ribbon Paperclip Bookmarks are an essential tool for list keepers. Hands up if you are a list keeper! Then these make the perfect stationery tool to help organise multiple to do lists
Washi tape ribbon paperclip bookmarks tutorial
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I had originally discovered them on Instagram last year, and having purchased some Washi Tape a few months ago, I decided to replace the ribbon with Washi Tape. 

I love watching the time lapsed creative videos on Social Media, how to create something within a blink of an eye or some amazing life hack we all need such as, how to slice a plate of grapes in 10 seconds. Originally I was going to attempt a YouTube video, but I do not have the proper camera set up and editing understanding. I decided on downloading and using a Stop Motion app on my phone. It was so easy to create, the app was very straight forward. To be honest I spent more time faffing around uploading it onto YouTube. I know it is not perfect and you may need to pause it if it is a little fast for you - but it was still good fun. I now have my niece busy making paperclip bookmarks!

I hope you enjoy my stop motion tutorial for creating 'DIY Washi Tape Paperclip Bookmarks'.

I have another stop motion video on Pebble Painting which I created with my niece which will be uploaded soon. Keep up to date with my mini stop motion videos by subscribing to Garden Tea Cakes and Me YouTube channel
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  1. Such a simple but very effective idea.

  2. What a clever idea! Super

  3. Such a simple and cute idea! So easy to make

  4. They're so cute! I really want to organised a crafting table for myself! :(

  5. What a really cute idea, so simple yet so fun as well! x

  6. This is such a cute idea, I am wondering why I haven't yet tried it x

  7. This is a cool idea. Going to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So simple but such a good idea! Love your video :) Kaz x

  9. Cutest bookmarks ever! I can't wait to try this at home it is a genius idea!

  10. I read alot and this is such a great idea, you can just clip it to the back of the book whislt reading and not loose your bookmark whilst reading, I am always putting mine down somewhere, or it is falling out.
    cute, might try a few and see!

  11. Great idea, and I love the stop motion video!


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