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Stoneywell National Trust Visit an Arts & Crafts Property

Stoneywell Cottage located in the Leicestershire countryside is one of the newer National Trust properties. It is a quirky stone cottage designed by Ernest Gimson for his brother Sydney, it captures the essence of the Arts and Crafts period.
Stoneywell Cottage National Trust
Stoneywell an Arts & Crafts Cottage 

Stoneywell National Trust
Stoneywell Cottage National Trust 
I visited Stoneywell as part of a group of volunteers from the Sunnycroft National Trust property. Stoneywell is like Sunnycroft in that in comparison with many of the National Trust properties they are both quite small, but both very beautiful. Built in 1898 with the aim of looking as though it has emerged from the earth, its zig zag design really does allow it to be part of the landscape. Originally it had a thatched roof, but following a fire this was replaced with stone. 
pressed pattern detail guttering Stoneywell
Pressed pattern detail in the guttering

Quirky stone staircase

Arts and Crafts architecture
Bedroom entrance
You must book in advance to visit Stoneywell, they are only able to manage a small number of visitors on site at a time. But it really is well worth the effort. 

There is a dedicated car park off site from the property, a free mini bus runs to and from the cottage and car park. 

Once you arrive you can choose a time slot for taking a tour of the cottage, which lasts around 45 minutes. There are of course toilets on site at the entrance, nearby the wash house has been converted into a small tea room which also sold some gifts.
Country Life magazine
Country Life
Stoneycroft Sitting Room
Arts and Crafts furniture Stoneycroft
Blogging in the 1900's
Stoneywell view to garden
A view to the garden
Here are some of the highlights from my visit to Stoneywell:-

  • Stoneywell Cottage is unique, and displays many exquisite arts and crafts items so be sure to pay attention during the cottage tour. 
  • Patterned guttering.
  • Bonus points to Stoneywell for baking their own scones on site! The ladies in the tea room managed very well with the influx of our group, the sandwiches made to order were very tasty too. 
  • They have a rustic walled garden.
  • The bedroom in the roof was called Olympus, after Mount Olympus this theme was even carried through by the National Trust in the tea room. You can order a 'Gift from Olympus' a fruit scone with jam and cream.
  • The cottage is just as beautiful outside as it is in.
  • Unusually cottage layout and shaped internal doorways.  
  • Set in beautiful countryside and gardens. The Spring flowers were just starting to bloom.
  • The Blue Tits in the garden.
Rustic Walled Garden
A walled garden somewhat rustic

Stoneywell Tea Room

Stoneywell Tea Room Scones
Tea, Coffee, Scones...

Stoneywell tea room
The old Wash Room water boiler in the tea room
Essential Visitor Information

Stoneywell Cottage is set into a small hillside, there is very little on the flat walking, and there are some unusual and quirky staircases - so take your time. If you are planning a visit and have particular mobility limitations, I would recommend phoning the property first. There are a number of benches at the entrance of the cottage, where visitors can sit prior to their tour.

Stoneywell is a small property, once you have toured the cottage and walked the gardens if the weather is poor and the small tearoom full you will probably be ready to leave. Other than outside there is nowhere else to seat. This is not a criticism in fact quite the opposite if the sun is out I could think of nothing nicer than sitting outside in this picturesque setting.

Entry is free for National Trust Members, check the Stoneywell website for the current cost of admission. 

Stoneywell garden
I love a display of flowers on steps

Flowering Currant
Flowering Currant
Stoneywell garden
The Stoney well

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit, loved the detail on the guttering I have never seen anything like that before stunning.

  2. How beautiful!!!! It is a gorgeous property isn't it, imagine being able to work there!!! You and I would love it I am sure. So many interesting details and little touches, it is wonderful! Thank you so much for taking us along. xx

  3. I love your pictures - they really capture the essence of the place! Especially the scone one :)

  4. This is only about 45 mins from me so it's now in my to visit list. Thanks for the info and lovely photos.

  5. Chimneys were a vital component of Arts and Crafts outline. In the time from which the Movement drew its motivation the chimney was just starting to be sited on the sidewalls of extraordinary corridors in the places of the exceptionally rich. So the style received by Arts and Crafts was a nineteenth century day pastiche of what was truly developed amid the Wars of the Roses.


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