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Taking a Mini Break around Great Britain

I love championing the benefits of holidaying in the UK.  The size of Great Britain enables us to easily visit other locations for short breaks away from home.
Short Breaks Britain Ironbridge
The Ironbridge at Ironbridge, Shropshire
Within just a 2 hour drive from where I live in Shropshire I can find myself:-
  • enjoying the village atmosphere of Broadway in the Cotswolds
  • eating Bakewell Tart in the Peak District 
  • Strolling around the historic Docklands in Liverpool
  • Enjoying the view from the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales
  • Within just a few minutes I can be enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake looking upon the iconic Ironbridge, Shropshire.
Iron bridge short break
A view of the Wharfage from the Ironbridge
In the last year the thoughts of fabulous holidays abroad have been discouraged, my doctor thinks the risk of me picking up a respiratory infection from air travel too risky. But why let that stop me as there is so much more of the UK to be discovered.  If you find it difficult to explorer further from home or sometimes find life can create obstacles, then I find a short 'Mini Break' can over that escape away. Pack your essentials items and a few luxury treats, my pamper essentials include a face mask, everything I need for a manicure, and a good book. I like to balance sightseeing with relaxing, allowing myself the chance to recover as my scoliosis effects my mobility and energy. 

It can be pretty tricky predicting how the weather will behave once you have planned a break away - but be brave whatever the weather has to offer do not let it stop you enjoying yourself, smile what ever the weather!

I was sent a mini break kit from TENA Lady for the purpose of this post, did you know that 47% of British women have experienced bladder weakness.  Do not let bladder weakness stop you from enjoying a mini break away from home,  let TENA Lady give you your confidence.

Do you have a short break planned, or a favourite location to visit?
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  1. I totally agree. A mini break in this country can be just perfect. We love going up to the Norfolk coast whatever the weather. A bit of walking, some good food and a good book by a roaring fire... Perfect. I've never been to Ironbridge but would like to.

  2. I agree with you! Travelling around the British Isles os actually becoming one of my fave things to do more as this country is so reach in beauty. As you say, enjoy the delights of the weather and indulge in some well deserved pamper time. Glorious! Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  3. Love a mini break. We went to the Lakes last year for a few days and it was just glorious.

  4. My hubby is from Telford so I know the Iron Bridge very well. It's very beautiful around there.

  5. Great post. I need to tour the UK some more.


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