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Humorous Downton Abbey Quotes

Whilst we in the UK have survived without Downton Abbey on our television screens for 3 months, the Downton Abbey finale has only just been shown in America. Since mid January I have been indulging in watching what has become one of my favourite ever television shows from the beginning. It first appeared on our screens in January 2011. Over the years I have laughed and cried along to the story lines of both upstairs and downstairs residents at Downton Abbey

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So I am sharing with you some of my favourite humorous Downton Abbey Quotes. 
"Miss O'Brien we are about to host a society wedding, I have no time for training hobbledehoys." Mr Carson

 "I believe there was quite a brew haha." Lord Grantham
"I am happy Edith is happy, I am happy you mean to keep her happy, that is quite enough happiness to be going on with." Lord Grantham to Lord Anthony Strallan
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"What is a weekend" Dowager Countess of Grantham 
"There is nothing so ill bred than to steal other peoples servants." Lord Grantham to Lady Mary
"I always think there is something rather foreign about high spirits at breakfast." Lord Grantham
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Downton Abbey has reintroduced us to words that have long since been forgotten and no longer used in our daily vocabulary. Now how can I use 'hobbledehoys' in a conversation this week. 
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  1. Some great quotes! They had some really good one liners didn't they! I get to say one when I do film tours at work. Lady Grantham's mother (can't remember her name!!! how embarrassing! played by Shirley Mclaine) comes into the drawing room and says "I see the gangs all here" the Dowager Countess (Maggie smith)replies "I suppose that is American for hello" They were so funny together weren't they! xx

  2. Hobbledehoys is just the best word!


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