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Glass Cup and Saucer Review

I love a nice cup and saucer and will admit to having my fair share, most of which are pretty fine bone china. But recently, when I have dined out I have been served a coffee or hot chocolate in a glass cup. I have been really taken with them, some had double glass walls so that you are not holding hot glass, some with handles.  I have been on the look out to buy my ideal glass cup, and a few months ago I managed to find my perfect glass cup and saucer.
When I visit a department store you will not find me browsing the ladies clothing department. Possibly because I find shopping for clothes a tricky task, my wonky spine makes finding any clothing that fits me a tedious and draining chore. But drop me in the middle of the Homewares section I am absorbed by all that surrounds me.  I love accessories for the home - kitchenware, pretty cake stands - because the six I already have is obviously not enough! So there I was in the middle of the shiny new John Lewis store in Birmingham, when staring right at me was the perfect glass cup and saucer, what a delight. Better still they were sold as a set of two.

So now I find myself sitting at home, sipping a milky coffee or hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows melting on the top from my new favourite glass cup and saucer. They are so light too. I find the new modern glass has hardly any weight to it, true also of some jam jars I have. 
When my mum popped in for a milky coffee and a natter, she was reminiscing how they reminded of the glass cups and saucers that were popular back in the 50's and 60's. She would meet up with friends in coffee shops and this style cup and saucer were the trend.
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  1. I saw one in Tesco very similar and was tempted but no price so I resisted. I had a set of glass cup and saucers in the 80s but got rid of them. I'm really trying not to buy mugs because I've just had to have a cull of them.

  2. It was very trendy back in the day. Amazing how fashions keep on coming around. If you keep something long enough it will come back into fashion, makes me smile. Take care.

  3. Oh these look really lovely! I rather fancy one of these myself.

  4. That's a cute little cup & saucer! I too like clear glass, although I don't have any glass teacups. I love my glass cookie jars though :)

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  6. These look so lovely! Great bringing things like this back to present x


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