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Elevenses in the Work Place

Since leaving my office job in January and discovering my new balance of leisure time and blogging, there are a few things you only realise about working in an office environment that you do not notice until you leave. 

The quiet...it is so peaceful at home, in a good way. It is nice not to have the distraction of an open plan office.  General office noise and colleagues can be a distraction when you have work deadlines to meet, so I welcome the peace and productivity the office clatter I do not miss.

Office camaraderie...you build up relationships and friendships at work. I worked with some of my colleagues for over 10 years, and they more or less knew what I was thinking before the words were out of my mouth, or the the  email send button clicked.  So yes I do miss this. Blogging at home is a little different, although I have a great online blogging community I can rely on for help, support and advice. 

Baking Skills...not only did I work with a lot of clever, knowledgeable and organised colleagues (goodness I hope they are not reading this!). I also discovered there was quite a group of us who loved to bake, I organised several office bake off's during my time there. There was a lot of snack and treats being passed around the office, I'll be honest it was pretty much elevenses almost every hour.  It was great way to share recipes and experiment with new, if an easy way to pop on a few extra pounds. But it was also good to share the motivational support when you were focusing on healthier eating. My workplace even had a lunchtime walking group.

I have contributed a recipe to Elevenses in the Office recipe ebook,  it has a great collection of treats and healthy bakes suitable for office elevenses. My Peanut and Banana Cookies recipe is a yummy sweet treat suitable for vegans too.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 
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  1. A great idea, I'd love a few healthy snacks for work. Or at least something better than beef monster munch.


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