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Williamson Kenyan Earth Tea Review

In the new year I received some Williamson Tea, a brand of loose tea. I know that not everyone will be familiar with the brand, but you may be familiar with the elephant branding they use for their packaging, particularly the elephant tea caddies. I have spotted these in numerous garden centres.
Williamson Tea loose tea tea bags

Not only do they sell loose tea, but also loose tea teabags. So no need for a tea strainer, or that sudden 'fiddly dee' moment when you realise you forgot to use the tea strainer as you start pouring your cup of tea.

Williamson Tea have been growing tea for 140 years in Kenyan, unlike many tea brands Williamson Tea own their own tea farms. Their tea is 'naturally grown, pesticide free teas straight from their bushes to your cup'. Thus creating a reduced carbon footprint on the plant.
Williamson Tea loose tea tea bags
Williamson Loose Tea Teabags work a treat
I tasted the Kenyan Earth Tea, Pink Love Elephant Tea Caddie containing 20 loose tea teabags. It was a lightly fragrance tea, very similar to breakfast tea but not quite so strong. This being loose tea, it is important to allow the tea bag to brew. I brewed mine in a teapot longer than you would an average blended teabag. Milk is of course optional, but I am a milk kind of girl unless its a highly fragrant tea. Of course the strength of tea varies to the individual - so enjoy it just as you like. 
A cup of tea and a slice of cake
A cup of Kenyan Earth tea, cake and a recipe book - perfect!
I adore the enamel Williamson Tea mug included in my tea parcel. I can not wait for the weather to change, so I can take my cup of tea out into the greenhouse and make a start sowing seeds.

I already have a spot in my craft room to put the empty  pink elephant caddie into  use. Not only practical for storing things but it looks beautiful too.
Loose Tea, Tea Bags from Williamson Tea 
I love… 
  • No need for a tea strainer.
  • That the elephant caddie is not just practical, tea must be stored in an airtight container but delightfully pretty too. I can certainly see people collecting the different designs.
Could do better…
  • There is no indication on the product packaging or on the website indicating if the teabags are compostable. Having made enquiries all became clear. "We were advised that the material used to make biodegradable Loose Leaf Teabags requires more energy, chemicals and inputs to produce than the nylon teabags and as such is worse for the environment. We therefore opted for less chemicals and carbon emissions so are using nylon loose leaf teabags." As a gardener and someone who shares Williamson Tea's concerns for the environment I would love to see this information readily available on their website.
Perfect for…
  • all tea lovers. Also a great way of introducing someone to loose tea, without the need for a tea strainer.  
  • Additional convenience - ideal for work or travel. If you enjoy a good quality cup of tea but do not have a teapot or tea strainer to hand these teabags are perfect.
The important stuff…
  • Williamson Tea is available from some garden centres, Waitrose, Amazon and online from Williamson Tea. The Elephant Kenyan Earth tea caddie costs include RRP £12.99

Elephant Caddie Williamson Tea

Disclosure - I received a sample of Williamson Tea for the purposes of this review.
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