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Warm, Rich and Relaxing Bedroom Scheme

I think a bedroom should be a place in the home you can retreat to, relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. By using the right colour combinations can help to create and harness this atmosphere. The use of purples, silvers and greys achieves a colour scheme that will appeal to both men and women.

I was challenged by Julian Charles to create a blog post that would enhance my home interior. Julian Charles are a family run business established in 1947 sell a selection of soft furnishings including curtains, bedding, throws, cushions and candles. All you need to help co-ordinate and bring together your bedroom haven. 

Silver and Purple Bedroom Scheme 

The Fiorello Silver Paisley Jacquard luxury quilted throw not only adds a layer of warmth but also that touch of decadence. Finish the bed by dressing it with some scatter cushions the contrasting Hamilton purple square cushions along with the Silver Fiorello silver paisley jacquard cushions

The delicate fragrance of scented candles adds to the ambiance of a room, the Lavender Garden candle in particular can help promote relaxation. But no dozing off when there is a lit candle in the room, and do not place them on a plastic surface. I love candles and have many at home but like to ensure they are used sensibly. So take heed otherwise I will  be fretting for you. I am sure I am not the only one like this! Many people swear by the use of lavender to aid a restful nights sleep. One of my favourite things is to relax after a shower or bath, light a scented candle, lie on the bed and read a book for half an hour. How sumptuous does that sound, surrounded by a luxurious and affordable decor.

Finish the room with co-ordinated curtains. The use of Luna silver grey blackout curtains will ensure a peaceful nights sleep and block out any external light pollution that may disturb a light sleeper or shift worker.

This is my entry to the Julian Charles Blogger Best Dressed Interiors Competition. 

Update: I am so pleased to announce that my Warm, Rich and Relaxing Bedroom Scheme was chosen as the winner! 
Julian Charles
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