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Sew your own Lip Balm Keyring

When I first rediscovered my sewing machine I mostly stuck with easy and quick sewing projects. I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, and I went through a phase of making key rings. I thought you may like to see some of the successes. They are nothing spectacular, but at the time they gave me a sense of accomplishment. 
Lip Balm Keyring
This little key ring is perfect for using up fabric scraps. Handy to store a lip balm in and know where is it, no hunting in the bottom of your handbag. Oh the times I have spent doing that. Attach your house keys to the key ring, or through a loop inside your handbag. 

You can find lots of sewing inspiration on on my Pinterest Sewing board

Or there is my sweet little bird key ring, my nod to Twitter. These handmade key rings make a thoughtful token gift for a friend. are also great as a gift or stocking filler.
Twitter Bird Key Ring
Twitter inspired Key Ring
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  1. They are a lot of fun and a lovely extra little gift aren't they! xx


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