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Bring Your Social Media Photos to Life with Cheerz

I love my Instagram photo feed, I enjoy sharing my snaps with the world. I always try to put some thought into my photos - is the light good, is it framed right. It is a real pleasure when people engage with me, I love that you too love my photos. But like many of us I am guilty of never having printed any of them.  So when Cheerz a photo printing site contacted me saying just how much they too enjoyed my photos, I jumped when they offered me a chance to see them in print.
Cheerz Box and Retro Prints
Cheerz Box and retro prints
You can choose from a variety of print types, photo magnets, boxes of photos, strips of photos, posters, retro prints, big prints, frame photos. 
Cheerz Box
Select 30 of your favourite social media photos, you can choose to fully customise each photo if your wish. They are safely packaged in a pretty box, to keep them in perfect condition. Use them to create a photo display, or in a photo album or frames. I have all my days out and holiday photos displayed on my homemade pin board in my craft room. 

Photo Strips
I captured holiday, days out and my blog onto the Cheerz photo strips. I real liked these they reminded me of the instant photo booth film strips which I found so much fun when I was younger. The addition of wording, a place name or occasion is a nice touch and great memory prompt for the future. 

Ordering and Selecting Your Photos
You can link all your social media accounts and access all the photos. You can do this online using a tablet device and the cherry app. Or on the Cheerz website if you are using a laptop, this will   also allow you to access any photographs you may have saved on your hard drive. 

I found it easy and straight forward to select my photos, you can see at a glance how many photos you have left to complete your selection. You are then able to review all your photos, customise the lighting/style of photograph, add text, change the font, select your colour surround. You can even change your mind, just save your selection and go back to delete and add your chosen additional photos. Once completed you can even select the design of the box they are packaged in. I selected a classic polka dot design.

A few days after ordering your photos will arrive on your doormat. I was very impressed with the quality of the photographs and the decorative Cheerz box they are packaged in.

Just allow yourself a little time to do the customising of the photographs, it real is worth the while. 
Favourite National Trust Photos
I love… 
that each photo can be customised, change the colour of the border of the prints. I particularly liked adding text to mine. I also added a few hashtags, in the years to come it will be interesting to see if hashtags still have the same prominence of use. 

Could do better…
I could not find a criticism as I loved the products and choice of photo types available. If you to make the most of the ability to customise your photos allow yourself time. There again if you want to keep things straight forward, select and print and it takes no time at all.

Perfect for…
sharing with friends and family and creating a welcoming token gift. If you have used your phone to capture natural and impromptu moments, don't leave them on your phone. Print a set of photo strips to share with friends or family. 

The important stuff…
The Cheerz box of 30 retro style prints costs £13, the Photo Film Strip cost £6.50 for a set of five. 

Disclosure: I was sent a voucher to review Cheerz products.
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