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Window Bird Feeder and the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

In the UK the national bird charity the RSPB encourage us once a year to sit for an hour to watch and and record the type of birds that visit our gardens. I have joined in for the last few years, with varying degrees of success depending on the British weather. It is here again for this weekend the 30 & 31 January is the Big Garden Birdwatch, if you want to join in visit the RSPB website for more information.

Window bird feeder perspex
Even the rain will not keep Blue Tits from the window bird feeder
This year I am expecting to see many variety of birds visit my garden, some up close as they now visit the perspex window bird feeder.  I had such a good response from you all when I first shared photographs of  the new window bird feeder.  At that time the Robins were the only bird to feed from it, but now Blue Tits and Coal Tits visit equally as much. It has never once fallen off the window, even with the endless rain we have experienced over the last few months. Although it does have to be removed briefly when the window cleaner calls.

I am hoping that Blue Tits will use the bird box this year which is located close to the window bird feeder, who knows I may need to get an additional feeder.

Window bird feeder perspex
The Robin was the first to visit the window bird feeder
Window bird feeder perspex
Keep topping up that bird feeder
Will you be joining in with the Big Garden Birdwatch? 

I have always wondered if other countries organise national bird counts, I am sure they must in order to monitor the bird populations. I will update this post with details on the results of my Big Garden Birdwatch.

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  1. Hope you have had a good birdwatch today and will enjoy tomorrow too! xx


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