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Little Sins Cupcakery Home Cake Mix Review

I have baked a lot of homemade cakes, I have also baked with a number of different packet mixes. I am a confident home baker, but I also appreciate that not everyone has the confidence to bake from scratch, no matter how simple a home baker makes it sound. This is why packet mixes are so successful. I have a cupboard full of ingredients, if you are an infrequent or novice baker you will not have all the necessary ingredients to hand. But it is easy to have a box with pre weighed ingredients for that time or occasion you are ready to bake all waiting for you in the cupboard. 
Carrot Cup Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Carrot Cup Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
This is where packet cake mixes come into their own. So I was happy to put the Little Sins Cupcakery luxury cake mixes to the test.  I was sent four varieties:- 

  • Double Chocolate cupcakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Carrot Cakes
  • Vanilla Cakes

What's included in the Little Sins Cupcakery Cake Mixes
What's included in the Little Sins Cupcakery Cake Mixes

Little Sins Cupcakery Cake Mixes
Little Sins Cupcakery Cake Mixes
What's included?

Included in each box are all the dry ingredients required to bake your cakes, and 12 cake cases. For carrot cakes this includes the dehydrated carrot, and chocolate chunks for the chocolate cakes. 

You need to supply the eggs, oil and if required hot water. You will also need to make your own decorative topping.

The baking instructions were clear and easy to follow, printed in white text on a colour background they were also easy to read. Something many manufacturers do over look.  

I have baked both the Double Chocolate Cakes and the Carrot Cakes. I followed the instructions completely. You may think you have a lot of mixture, but when split evenly between the 12 cupcake cases and it was the perfect amount. The cakes baked evenly and were well risen. I was fascinated with the pack of dehydrated carrot, which transformed with hot water. The inclusion of real carrot in this mix really made all the difference.
Carrot Cakes ready for baking
Carrot Cakes made and ready for baking
When you bake cakes made with oil as opposed to butter your mixture will always be that little more liquid. So take a little care when filling you cases, so you do not dribble too much mixture.  I assisted my niece when making the chocolate cakes, we were both eager to get them into the cases and did get into a slight chocolate mess, as you do! Baking with oil make for a moist and flavoursome cake.
Carrot Cakes from Little Sins Cup Cakery
The Topping
I know some people will be surprised that the Little Sins Cupecakery mixes did not include a topping or frosting.  They do include a recipe leaflet with 3 different frosting recipes.  But I will be frank with you I was glad they did not. I have yet to like any pre made cake frosting. Yes even the well known brand of frosting is a guppy disgusting mess.  However, the only improvement I would like to see would be a sachet of icing sugar. If non bakers do not have flour and baking powder in the cupboard they are not going to have icing sugar. They can soon add either butter to create butter cream or water for a simple icing.

Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
I partly followed their recipe for the cream cheese frosting for the carrot cup cakes, then sprinkled with a little mixed spice. Even three days later the cakes were still moist and fresh tasting. My favourite has to be the Carrot Cakes, they had a very good consistency, were light and moist. There is no way anyone would have said they were a packet mix.   
Double Chocolate !
The Chocolate Cakes included huge chucks of chocolate you sprinkled on the top of each filled cake case before baking. I was expected the chunks to sink to the bottom, but no they stay on the top of the cake and looked great. They were particularly nice still warm, and had an almost chocolate pudding taste to them.

If you like the sound of these cupcakes you can buy each of the varieties of Little Sins Cake Mixes from Amazon UK, they currently retail for £5.99 a box. The attractive packaging makes them an ideal gift for a non baker, maybe include a cake tin to create an ideal new home present too.

Disclosure: I was sent Little Sins Cupcakery Cake Mixes for the purpose of review.

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  1. yum! they all look great. Good kits if you are baking with kids, nice and simple.

  2. They sound lovely! Great new blog look!!! xx

  3. These are right up my street, packet cakes are the only ones I can bake, and then I often mess them up!


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