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How I Rediscovered Knitting and my First Project

It is odd how my hobby of sewing has lead to reigniting an interest in an even older hobby. Last year I made a needle case, to keep safe my late nan's collection of knitting needles, which included a pair of smaller knitting needles I used as a girl.  Though I do not want you to think me a competent knitter, I have not knitted for over 20 years! Yes I may have managed knit and purl stitches, but I drop stitches, add stitches and lets not mention tension. I could not understand or follow a pattern and I have never actually created anything. So with that in mind, I put the knitting needles away.

Toft knitting scarf pattern
My first knitting project - A Scarf
Then in November thanks to a press pass I visited the Stitching and Sewing Hobbycraft Show.  I was mostly interested in the sewing stalls, but then I spotted the Toft Alpaca Wool stall. The name was familiar, a few months previous I had received press releases for their new animal crocheting kits, particularly a cute Ballerina Hippo. Which having only just grasped the basics of crochet and managing to make some wrist warmers,  I deemed this little hippo far beyond my ability.  

Toft crocheted ballerina hippo
The inspiring crocheted Toft Ballerina Hippo

I was enjoying chatting to one of the ladies on the stall, whilst getting hands on with their alpaca wool. Which had a wonderfully soft and light feel to it, as well as coming in some beautiful colours. Also on display I spotted a completed crocheted hippo, which felt super soft and looked delightful. I mentioned how nice to was to see the the completed hippo and that my limited crochet skill would not do this little ballerina credit. One of the ladies suggested I try my hand at one of their scarf patterns, 'they are very easy' she said. I dithered a little. Why my reluctance?  I was worried I would screw up knitting a scarf with such beautiful wool. Which would of been a waste of money. Yes, I was tempted, but I was focused only on sewing shopping on that day. I kindly accepted the free scarf pattern postcard, popped it in my bag and thought nothing more of it.  

But then in December on the success of completing my first crochet project and winter approaching, I thought, maybe I could knit a scarf. So, it was time to get my knitting needles out.

It's a knitted scarf

Now those of you that are knitters will laugh at this tale. I was out Christmas shopping and spending some gift vouchers, and I had little leftover to spend frivolously on myself, as you do. Whilst browsing the haberdashery section of John Lewis, I spotted wool. I was totally baffled by the choice of yarns, blends and weights available. I could not remember which wool was recommended on the scarf pattern, and I could not see any Toft wool. So I took the plunge and chose a colour and price I liked, and crossed my fingers it would be ok. 

The lady at Toft was right, it was an easy pattern to follow, it used the knit stitch, with some wraps. One or two of the knitting terms were new to me, such as wrap, but a quick search on you tube and all was explained. The pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow. The scarf progressed quickly and by Christmas Eve it was complete and I was triumphant!

So proud of my knitted scarf

Easy knitted scarf pattern 

I can wrap stitch! 

I love it, and it has already received many compliments. Although it looks fabulous, the wool I choose is not perfect it did not feel soft against my skin. However, now that I have the confidence and skill to knit successfully next time I will choose a soft and gentle alpaca wool and something a little more colourful.

I am looking forward to trying my hand at more knitting and crocheting in the year ahead. I also realise that I need to understand more about the different types of yarns, so need to do a little research on the subject.

Sometimes in life you never know when an unexpected encounter can lead to a new skill or hobby. I wonder if the lady on the Toft stall that day realised that her conversation with a stranger would have such an impact. Well a big thank you from me!
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  1. Congratulations Angela!!! I wish that I could knit. I think that your scarf is beautiful!! Here's to much more yarny love! xx

  2. It looks great - and those shows are just full of inspiration :)

  3. An amazing success, congratulations. Best wishes for the new year.

  4. What a gorgeous pattern! Well done you! Xxx

  5. Well done on completing your scarf. I love knitting with alpaca yarn, so soft and warm. I'm sure you will be knitting something else soon. It's really addictive :)

  6. Well done on completing your scarf, I do knit, nut haven't for 4 years when I lost my mojo! I love the pattern it's one I've not tried myself :)


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