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Knitted Blue Owl Cover for Portable Hard Drive

I can honestly say I am so enjoying rediscovering knitting. I got a little adventurous for my second project and created this sweet little blue owl.  Inspired by a recent email from Hobbycraft which included a link to a number of knitting project, I was taken with the knitted owl phone cover.

knitted portable hard drive cover
Knitted Portable Hard Drive Cover

knitted phone cover
Cute Knitted Blue Owl
I have a portable hard drive which did not come with a protective cover, so thought I could knit a cover for my portable hard drive. I had to adjust the pattern slightly, as my portable hard drive differs in size to a mobile phone. Those adjustments did not quite go as planned, but on my second attempt I had it just right. I was intending my little blue knitted owl to be a little knitted Blue Tit, but I think I think it suits being a Blue Owl.

For those interest in knitting their own cover you can find the pattern here.

knitted portable hard drive cover pattern

New skills

Knitting this project I learnt how to add a different colour thread, which I actually do not think went that well. As you will see if you look closely.  I was amazed by the Mattress Stitch used to joining the knit together. I have never used this stitch before, you can not tell there is even a join it just looks like continuous knitting.

knitted phone cover pattern hobbycraft
Blanket stitch
The knitting continues, my current work in progress is a hat which is looking rather large!

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