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Fruit Teas - Finding the Right Balance of Fragrance and Flavour

It is easy to find yourself just putting the kettle on for yet another drink, whether that be for tea or coffee. I have no wish to stop drinking tea or coffee - I love them both equally. But now I am spending more time at home I am concern I will drink too much caffeine.  I am not a huge drinker of water, so need to find an additional drink to enjoy that will balance all my caffeine based drinks.

Love Tea Love Fruit Tea

My solution is to introduce some fruit and herbal teas. The only herbal tea I drink with any regularity, and particularly enjoy is Peppermint Tea. So I am looking for something to match my like for this. and I think I have found it.   

Winter Charm Fruit Tea from Ahmad Tea London
Winter Charm Fruit Tea from Ahmad Tea London 

So for the past few weeks I have been enjoying a selection of teas from Ahmad Tea London. The Winter Charm tea from Ahmad Teas,  which tastes particularly, refreshingly warming. It reminds me of warmed apple juice,  the positive differences being, it is not as sweet and has less calories. It is also so much easier to keep a box of Winter Charm tea bags in the cupboard than have fresh apple juice in the fridge. These tea bags are ideal to pack in your rucksack with a flask of hot water if you enjoy a jaunt in the countryside, the perfect comforting and warming drink.

I have also been making my way through a box of selected black Fruit Teas.  Lemon and Lime Twist, Strawberry Sensation, Peach and Passion Fruit and Apple Refresh. A good all round selection of fruits, my favourite being the Peach and Passion Fruit. I did find the Lemon and Lime a little too sour for my taste buds, possibly because I may have over brewed it, although I did still drink it all.

I am looking forward to trying the Lemon & Ginger, on those days when I have over indulged as it is a natural digestive.

One thing all the fruit teas I have been drinking have in common is the amazing fragrance they release when brewed, they really are a delight to the senses. I have often found with fruit teas that I am slightly disappointing that the taste does not pack the same punch as the fragrance. Although I now realise that is not true of every fruit tea, the Winter Charm and Peach and Passion Fruit most certainly delivered on both. As such they are top of my fruit tea chart. All the tea bags are individually wrapped, for convenient storage and use.

Give fruit teas a chance, if like me you want to reduce the amount of caffeine you intake during a day, or have decide to move over to the fruit side. Experiment with the time your brew your fruit tea, to find out how weak or strong a tea your taste buds prefer.

If you will excuse me I am off to enjoy my cup of Strawberry Sensation and a catch up with one of my favourite magazines.
Fruit Teas Ahmad Tea
Ahmad Tea Strawberry Sensation

Do you have a favourite flavour of fruit tea? 

Disclaimer: I was sent packs of Ahmad Teas for the purposes of this review article.
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  1. I love trying fruit teas and actually drink them more than normal tea now. Personally I love the PG tips fruit ones because I think with the pyramid shape bags they do, they do actually taste more fruity! The blackcurrant ones are my favourite. Em x

  2. I am a fan of lemon tea in the summer but have never really tried fruit teas hot. I will certainly be giving them a go.

  3. I love fruit and herbal teas. After peppermint I love mango. Green teas are also nice.


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