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A Crochet Success - a pair of wrist warmers

I picked up a crochet hook a few of years ago, with a small amount of success. I managed the odd crocheted flower, but nothing with any real purpose. A few months ago I was tempted again, but this time I had set myself the task of making a useful pair of Wrist Warmers.

Crocheting Wrist Warmers
My first crochet project - a pair of wrist warmers

A regular blog I read, Love Made My Home has a tutorial for crocheting a pair of wrist warmers.   Having revisited the page over several weeks I thought it time I actually got started on my first crochet project. Amy assured me they were really easy to make, but just to be on the safe side I decided on a practice run.  Crochet hook and spare white wool in hand and I quick look up to remind myself 'what the heck a double crochet stitch is' I was good to go.

easy crochet gloves
Easy made crocheted waisted warmers

Amy was right, it really was not that tricky. Although, I was pleased I decided on a practice run, my tension was all over the place leaving me within an uneven rectangle for the main glove. I also used this as a gauge to the size that would fit me best. Following those few adjustments I moved onto the final creation - using a bright teal colour wool.  Which in hindsight may have been too thick. I did adjust the size of the shell trimming at the top, but please do not ask me how exactly as I kind of just made the pattern up.

Stokesay Castle carols by candle light
Stokesay Castle carols by candle light

I am quite delighted with them, they had their first outing at the Stokesay Castle Christmas Carols by candle light evening, just perfect for holding my light and song sheet. Rather apt too I thought in this very medieval setting. Thank you Amy for reintroducing me to crocheting.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for other easy crochet makes.

I have briefly put down my crochet hook, having now been tempted to pick up knitting needles after a break of over 10 years.

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  1. Yay! Your wrist warmers look fantastic!!!! I am so glad that you managed to make them from my instructions! I am hoping to do some more crochet posts, tutorials, patterns etc next year so it is good to know that my instructions worked. I like your edging, it is neater than mine. I have since adjusted it for future things so I should go back and amend the pattern. Hope that they keep you toasty and warm on your outings. Happy Christmas!! xx

  2. You definitely have inspired me now to try the crochet thing again next year!

  3. The wrist warmers look amazing, I love the colour. Well done.

  4. Hello Angela, I crocheted a couple of small things over 40 years ago and just recently decided it was time to pick up a hook again. I'm learning from scratch on You Tube and various websites and love the colour of the wrist warmers you made.
    I hope it is like riding a bicycle and comes back to me easily so I can create something pretty too.
    Merry Christmas


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