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#25FestiveDays December Instagram Photo Challenge

At the start of December I decided to try something new, I setup an Instagram Photo Challenge with a Christmas theme aptly called #25FestiveDays. I was so very pleased to see people joining in. I wanted to thank everyone that took the time to take part in the challenge it was so much fun see everyones photos, and the different ways people interpreted each days theme.  Christmas is an exceptionally busy time of year, so I know that some people struggled to keep up, but that's ok it was a fun no pressure challenge. After all what better use of the hash tag #Lateragram.

It was also lovely to see Christmas from different areas of the World: - Australia, Canada, America and of course here in the UK.  I thought I would share some of my favourite photographs from those of you who took up the challenge. I cannot include them all as there are far too many,  I am so very sorry if I have missed you out, it is not intentional.

The photographs are embedded into this blog post directly from Instagram so apologies if they take a short while to appear, but they are worth the wait I promise!  You can view all the photographs by searching Instagram using  #25FestiveDays

If the photos appeal to you then feel free to give them a heart or pop over to Instagram and follow them too.

A photo posted by Karen S Burns-Booth (@lavenderandlovage) on

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A photo posted by Angie Walton (@cnsnape) on

I may very well do another photo challenge in 2016, maybe in the Summer, not sure of the theme at the moment but I will get my thinking cap on. Do let me know if you can think of a particular theme that maybe of interest, or it you are interested in jointly running a photo challenge with myself.

* If I have included your photo and you would prefer it was removed from this blog post please let me know.
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  1. Thanks for hosting the challenge, Angela. I really enjoyed taking part

  2. Thanks for hosting, I enjoyed the challenge. I missed the odd day but tried to get most of them :) Good to see my Christmas Carol photo there too, glad you liked it

  3. I really enjoyed the challenge, thanks for doing it :) And for featuring my little festive toucan drawing! :D


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