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More than just a Dressing Table from Oak Furniture Company

When you initially buy a piece of furniture you usually have specific room and purpose in mind.  Yet by choosing the right piece of Oak Furniture, you can welcome a piece of furniture that can grow along with your family or follow you to a new home with a new purpose.   You may think a 'Dressing Table' is just that a dressing table, but do not let the label distracted you.  

Not just a dressing table
Not just a dressing table by gardenteacakesandme

 Oak Furniture Company Cadiz dressing table £199  / BOBBY multi coloured light / Scion yellow tea cup / Rectangular wall art, £39 / Brown window treatment, £40 / Throw pillow / Grey home decor, £22 / Parisian wall art / Stackable storage box, £16 / Anorak Hedgehog A5 Out & About Notebook / Yellow home accessory / Wood home decor, £79 / Modern home accessory / I am a white pencil / Muuto chair

Take the Oak Furniture Cadiz Dressing Table for £199. Perfect for today's modern desk, smaller laptops and tablets require less desk space. Smaller room sizes require clever use of furniture - perfect.  Create a funky modern look that will stimulate thinking and working.

Moving home and no longer require the desk or a dressing table for the bedroom? If you have a hall way you most certainly will want a side table. Some where to put your keys, small drawers for those endless items you need easily to hand.  A dressing table can be utilised in a walk through area.

So, if you are thinking of new furniture, consider oak furniture and the flexibility it offers  through out the home. Regardless of room identity and space. I know my first dressing table followed me to my first home - was sat at daily getting ready before going out, used to study at. Then following a move around used as a side table in my lounge. 

Hallway Welcome
Hallway Welcome by gardenteacakesandme featuring Oak Furniture Company

Oak Furniture Company Cadiz dressing table  £199 / Round light, £53 / Home decorators collection rug, £26 / Kate Spade square serving tray, £26 / Wall mounted coat hook / White home accessory, £79 / Present Time 4x6 frame, £36 / Umbra hook, £33 / Poncho Goldstein text sign, £30 / Fairy home decor / CB2 accessory, £20

Platinum & Pink Bedroom
Platinum & Pink Bedroom by gardenteacakesandme featuring Oak Furniture Company

Grey shades / Estiluz brushed nickel lamp, £530 / Safavieh non skid area rug, £110 / Regalia Tray Round Champagne, £10 / Chanel flower home decor / EFF blackout panel, £43 / Kate Spade pink toss pillow, £33 / NOVICA flower home decor, £24 / Pink home decor, £3.28 / Universal Lighting and Decor lit mirror, £66 / Paper wall art / LAFCO peony candle / Inspire Q gray linen headboard, £370 / Tom dixon furniture, £410 / Oak Furniture Company Cadiz dressing table £199

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  1. That's a really nice dressing table, such a lovely design x

  2. Aw! The hedgehog pillow / cushion is so bloomin' adorable! Great inspiration


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