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#GeorgeSecretSanta Gifts for Christmas

Being part of a workplace Secret Santa is just one of the great ways to celebrate the festive period at work. But this year I would not be at the office to take part, oh no it's a Christmas disappointment in the making! But wait, what was that, the wonderful people at Talented Talkers want me to be part of the #GeorgeSecretSanta for bloggers - hurrah to Secret Santa!

yankee candle gift idea

Here is how the blogger secret santa works. I was given another bloggers name, and then the online research began, I search through their blog and social media accounts to give me a feel of which gifts would match their personality and interests. There were no shortage of items to choose from that fit the bill from George Asda Christmas Gift range, they had a huge selection. 

I wanted to say thank you to my Secret Santa blogger, who delved into my blog, Twitter and Instagram feed. I received some fabulous gifts. All of them arrived gift wrapped by the secret santa elves!

Christmas Bauble Effiel Tower

Wonderfully scented Vanilla Frosting Yankee candle in a jar £13.00, when lit this fills the air with a wonderful homely fragrance.

Glass tear drop snow scene Christmas decoration, this is intended as a tree decoration but as it has a flat bottom I think it looks wonderful on my bookcase. A festive scene in miniature. 

Monogram letter cushion

I adore my fantastic letter cushion 'A', it is just perfect and great value at £5.00. Although I may have to fight my niece for it when she visits, as both our names begin with A! 

George Birdcage toiletries

Gift set of toiletries, I love the wire birdcage these are presented in, will certainly be finding a use for the decorative cage in the new year.

George Asda Birdcage toiletries

Fluffy slipper, I'm a slipper lover no matter what time of the year. Knit boot slipper £8

Secret Santa Gifts

Warm and cosy snugly dressing gown complete with hood in dusky pink, which will certainly keep out the Winter chills. Hooded dressing gown £14.

A huge thank you to the elves at Talented Talkers and Asda George for creating an exciting and fun blogger project to work on.
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