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British Tea Customs - The Great British Brew

So  many interesting facts about The Great British Brew, which for the majority of the British population is tea. I, in common with over half of those of us that drink tea, enjoy it with milk and no sugar. I know that some of my readers who live elsewhere in the world will  find these facts most amusing. But I for one can identify with many of them,  the exception being 'a cup of Snargul' which sounds like a tea from Harry Potter book maybe? Oh, and anyone that know me will agree that I am somewhat fussy about how my tea is made - but then again aren't we all?

I hope you enjoy this fascinating insight into The Great British Brew, that Sykes Cottages have put together. I am sure you will have a favourite fact.  I will leave you with mine, that British tanks are equipped with tea making facilities - I kid you not!

The Great British Brew
The Great British Brew Infographic by Sykes Cottages
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