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Time for a nice cup of Piacha tea

It is not just a case of having a hot drink to warm you up. The right drink can put you in the right frame of mind to face the world or escape the world. It is no secret I love a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea, but for those days where I feel sluggish or have enjoyed days of overindulgence in food I always turn to a Mint Tea. 

Engliah Breakfast loose tea from Piacha Tea Bar
English Breakfast loose tea from Piacha Tea Bar

For the last few weeks I have been drinking tea from Piacha Tea Bar. An Islington tea bar in London that sells their own tea blends.  For those of you, like me, that live in a county far removed from London you can still enjoy the Piacha Tea Bar, at home. They sell tea cards, a sealed pouch filled with flavoursome loose tea, perfect for delivery in your morning post through your letterbox. A perfect pick me up to send in the post to yourself or a friend.  

Piacha Tea Cards
Perfect Piacha Tea Cards - Tea in the post!

Tea Revives You Cup

All the teas when brewed are refreshing and delightful, my favourite has been the Moroccan Mint. A blend of Chinese green tea, spearmint,  peppermint and rose petals. At just £3.20 for a tea card, they are affordable and say so much more to a friend than just a cup of tea. There is a wide choice from the Moroccan Mint, English Breakfast to the refreshingly yet relaxing sounding Chamomile Citrus.

Do you have a favourite tea? Or maybe you are a coffee drinker?

Disclosure: I was sent some tea cards from Piacha for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm not a tea girl but I do love a good hot chocolate- sucker for something sweet!
    Liquid Grain

    1. Ooh, you might like our Chocolate Cinnamon tea Kathryn, it's perfect for a sweet craving!

  2. I am quite a big tea drinker but don't like normal tea. My favourites are mint or fruit teas, especially mango and passionfruit that is amazing! x

  3. I love a nice cup of tea, earl grey is my preferred cup, but I'm rather partial to cranberry and orange as well xx

  4. Mints are my favourites too, but I also love Mango tea and Amaretto tea. Never ever drink coffee :)


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