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Glass Ketchup Bottle Creates Perfect Flower Posy Vase

Sometimes the simplest and functional of items can be reused to create something pretty. Take one old glass ketchup bottle, give it a good rinse out and you are left with the perfect posy vase. For the last two months flowers from my garden have been displayed in my ketchup vase. There has been pretty much a constant supply of Zinnia Flowers in an array of colours. Although the Aster flowers have been rather disappointing, almost as much as the Sweet Peas this year.

Old Ketchup Bottle to Flower Posy Vase

This little posy vase is currently in my sewing room adding more colour to the room, and looking delightful with the sun shining on the petals. 

Posy of Zinnia Verbena and Aster Flowers
A burst of colour and new life to this old ketchup bottle

Cut Flowers Zinnia and Verbena and Aster
Verbena, Aster and Zinnia Flowers catching the light
The Zinnia and Verbena Bonarienis flowers were making their first appearance in the garden this year, both sown from seeds.   The Verbena is a perennial and will reappear next year, and hopefully will have spread seed too. The Zinnia are annuals so will soon be killed off by the frost, my plan is to leave a few of the flowers to go to seed and collect seeds for sowing next year.

Perfect Cut flowers for a posy
The tiny flowers of the Verbena and bright colours of the Zinnia

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  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a huge fan of flowers but they are beautiful!

  2. What a great idea- it looks like it could be a vase. I always used to use a glass when I couldn't find a vase (poor student) but I will have to give this ago. Just need to wait for my other half to buy me flowers now. :)

  3. I am a massive hoarder of glass jars and bottles haha! Your flowers are always just so beautiful. Thanks for joining in with #MakingHome this week


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