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Feeding Garden Birds During Winter

As the colder months arrive those birds in the garden that have chosen to over winter in Britain, may need a little help. A supply of bird food and a bird bath full of water will help keep them healthy and regular visitors to the garden.

Peckish 5-1 wild bird seed
Peckish 5-1 wild bird seed 
Recently I purchased a bird feeder that sticks onto a window, allowing you can see the birds up close. It took quite a while before it was discovered, but now Mr Robin visits several times a day. It really is a pleasure to see him up close. 

Bird Seed Feeder for Window
This bird seed feeder is only visited by a Robin

In my garden:-
  • Tits in particular enjoy the fat balls, as do blackbirds. 
  • Wrens and Robins like to eat seed on the floor or on a flat surface such a bird table. Or a feeder like the one that sticks onto your window. 
  • Robins, Blackbirds and Tits all enjoy the peanut feeder too.
Feedem Wild Bird Seed
Great choice of wild bird seed from Feedem
I have recently received some wild bird seed from Feedem pet supplies, very handy having it delivered to the house. Bags of bird feed are quite heavy and me being rather petite I would never have tackled getting the bags home.

Special Johnston & Jeff Robin seed, that also contains insects should see my Mr Robin through the winter. I have also been using the Peckish 5-1 wild bird seed. Now this has the husks removed so no sprouting seeds, also the large resealable bag made it easy to dip the feeder in to fill it without making a mess. 

I will be putting some of the Peckish Colourful seed in the  wild bird feeder in the plum tree, in the hope it will attract finches.

**Bird Newsflash** 
A possible sighting of a Black Cap was seen today by my sister, this is a new bird to the garden. The new bird seed is certainly having an impact, seen feeding on the Peckish 5-1 wild bird seed.

Window bird feeder
Window bird feeder in action - hello Mr Robin

The right seed for the right birds

There is a great deal of choice when it comes to bird seeds. Think about the birds you see regularly in your garden and ensure you cater for them, and of course those you wish to attract. 

If you want to avoid bird seed that falls onto the ground from sprouting then select seed that has had the husks removed. Quite often these are labelled as 'No Mess' bird seed.

Fat Ball Bird Feeder
Fat Balls galore
Look after your seed

Store your wild bird seed in a cool, dry and dark place such as a garage or shed. Make sure it is in a container that is well sealed and away from any mice looking for a free meal!

Clean your bird feeder to prevent the spread of diseases, make sure you remove any mouldy bird food too.

You can prevent the build up of mouldy seed, by not over filling your feeder. Just put out enough for a few days and then replenish it.

I hope like me you will see many birds visit your garden over the winter months. Keep feeding them, and also ensure they have some water to bathe in.  

Disclosure: I was sent bags of Wild Bird Seed from feedem for the purposes of this article.
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  1. I love the bird feeder on the window. Has it always stayed on the window or has it fallen off a few times?

    We have fat balls in the garden and it never amazing me at the speed the birds go through it!

    I love seeing the birds in the garden :)

    1. Yes the birds get through the fat balls equally quick in my garden too!

      The bird feeder on the window has never fallen off, even after some pretty awful weather. I have been very impressed with it, took the birds quite some time to find it but they are a real delight to watch.

  2. How lovely to see your robin on the wind feeder. It must be wonderful to see them up close. I agree, it is so important to have the right seed to attract birds. The cheap stuff just doesn't do it and most of it ends up on the ground.

  3. Sadly we cannot feed the birds as the squirrels eat all of the seed or fat balls - and we had some other unwelcome visitors too a few years ago. I will enjoy seeing your birds though! xx

    1. Aw what a shame you can not feed the birds. I'm lucky I have grey squirrels but fortunately they have lots of natures food to eat so only occasionally do they get tempted by the bird feeders.

      I'm very happy to share my birds with you - tweet, tweet!

  4. Do your birds actually come to your window? Mine prefer very much the Feeder in the middle of the garden... They come here every day several times and I have to fill it up every second day...
    So beautiful :-)
    Grüess Pascale

  5. HI Grüess small birds are such beautiful and delicate creates, I agree they soon eat everything in the feeders!

    Yes the Robins visits the window feeder everyday, the photo above is of the feeder in my garden. I have only ever seen a Robin use it but they are quite nosey and friendly birds, they are always nearby when I am in the garden. All the other birds are not so brave and use the other feeders in the garden.



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