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Zinnia Sprite Cut Flowers - Garden Bouquet #2

Gosh how remiss of me, I have just realised I have neglected to share with you some of the garden flowers I have picked for display in the house this year. I have had some Sweet Peas and Sweet Williams in a vase or too, although the Sweet Peas have put on a poor display, so far. I have purposely grown some new variety of flowers for cutting this year. After a slow start the Zinnia Sprite are putting on quite a display and ready for cutting. I am still waiting to see something special from the Asters, which have not grown as I had hoped. 

Zinnia Sprite cut flowers Sarah Raven seeds

We have had some rather wet weather of late and I knew we were in for some pretty terrible downpours the next day. I thought I would rescue some of the Zinnias before the rain struck. I am so glad I did, what a storm we had in Shropshire yesterday evening - thunder and lightning! I will leave you to enjoy the Zinnias.

Zinnia Sprite cut flowers Sarah Raven
Zinnia Sprite Cut Flowers grown from Sarah Raven seeds

Zinnia Sprite cut flowers Sarah Raven seeds
Zinnia Sprite Flowers

Zinnia Sprite cut flowers
Zinnia Sprite Cut Flowers 
Have you grown any flowers this year? What are your favourite?

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  1. First glance I thought the flowers were fake! How beautiful are they, I must try and get some Zinnia seeds for next year.

  2. These are beautiful. My husband is the green fingered one in our house but I'm going to have to start having some input in order to have some cut flowers for the house. Love these. Thanks for linking up to #MakingHome

  3. Lovely - I know nothing about gardening but am always looking for lovely flowers to TRY to grow! :)

  4. Very pretty. We've had lots of Sweet Peas and some Sweet Williams, never had Zinnia though, one to try for next year perhaps xx

  5. Wow these flowers are so pretty, wish I could go grow some that turned out like this :D

  6. Your zinnias are beautiful and I am wildly jealous! All of my zinnia seeds disappeared! So lovely to see yours though! xx


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