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Upcycled Wooden Plant Trays for the Garden

My sewing room is not the only place that has been furnished with upcycled items of late. My garden has also received the same treatment. Well a few wooden plant trays, not the whole garden. It gave my sister, niece and I the chance to get crafty together. To create our own personalised wooded garden trays.

Personalised Garden Trays
Personalised Garden Trays
So with a left over tin of paint, a few brightly colour match pots, paint brushes and my nieces stencils we set to work - indoors. That British weather strikes again! Just as well there is plenty of room on the kitchen table. 

No need to paint a coat of primer on these boxes, rustic is good. So straight on with a coat of paint which was then left it dry. Then using a pencil and stencil we all mark on our chosen words. We all also added our favourite extra stencil of an insect or fruit. I could not resist a gardening hashtag. Using a thin paint brush we all, with a steady hand, carefully painted over our writing. I think my niece did a fantastic job painting her strawberries and snail.

Personalised Garden Trays

Creating Personalised Garden Trays
Personalised Garden Trays
Painting Your Own Garden Tray
What great fun, and don't they look great! Why not paint a little fun into your garden. 
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  1. Upcycling like this works really well for all sorts of garden decoration as well as practical items. Love this idea!

  2. What a fantastic idea! Great for something that the whole family can get involved in as well. I love the idea of upcycling as it breathes new life into something you may previously have just thrown away.

  3. They look great, the bumble bee is so cute.


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