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Plants Through the Post - Suttons Seeds Review

If like me you have ever wondered how delicate annual flowering plants can survive a journey from the grower to your front door, then read on. 

Suttons Seeds offer a wide choice of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetable plants, along with seeds and additional gardening equipment. 

Antirrhium also known as Snapdragon
Stock - Sugar and Spice
Stock - Sugar and Spice
I ordered some large plug plants, Antirrhium F1 Kim mix (Snapdragon), along with Stock - Sugar and Spice a dwarf variety. These were the large plug plants, which need no growing on, they can be planted directly in the garden or plant pot. Perfect if you do not have a greenhouse or cold frame available.

I was impressed with the condition of the plants when they were delivered. They were packaged carefully in a cardboard box and were well protected for the journey to my garden. The plants themselves were in small plastic trays.  

Plants arrived in good condition
Once removed from the packaging you will need to water the plant. Within a few hours of being unpacked, the plants had already started to stretch out from the restriction of the packaging.  The day the Snapdragons arrived it was teaming down with rain, not a day for gardening. But it did mean they got their watering.

There were flower buds are both the Snapdragons and the Stock when they arrived. Some of the cells in the plastic trays even had more than one plant in them - bonus! Each order includes a small piece of wooden to help push the plants from their growing cell in the trays. You will find guidance and instructions on the Sutton Seeds website for how best to plant and tend your plants.

Planting out Stock - Sugar and Spice
It is now a few weeks and already there have been lots of flowers, although the Stock Sugar and Spice currently have the edge over the Snapdragons. They still have some growing to do.

I have also do a little planning ahead. I ordered some Broad Bean The Sutton variety of seeds to sow over Winter ready for next years crop. I also chose some Kale Black Magic seeds, which will be planted in a few weeks time, ready for Autumn/Winter cropping. The seed packets were accompanied by a helpful leaflet to guide you with seed sowing.

Sutton Seeds Broad Beans and Kale
Seeds for the seasons ahead
I love… 

  • the clever design of the internal packaging which allowed the plant trays to be stacked on top of each other, without damaging the delicate plants. 
Could do better…

  • get your orders in early to reserve your plants. Once the plants have gown on they will be dispatched. Wait too long and they will be out of stock.

Perfect for…

  • planning for the season ahead in the garden. This is a great way if you do not wish to grow plants from seeds, or just have limited gardening time. Let Sutton Seeds do the hard work for you.

The important stuff…
Antirrhium (Snapdragon) F1 Kim mix plug plants qty 30 £11.99 
Stock Sugar and Spice plug plants qty 15  £7.99
Broad Beans The Sutton £2.99
Kale Seeds Black Magic £2.99

Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of this review. 
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