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Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake with Rainbow Butter Cream

The birthday cake of choice for my niece this year was to create a giant cupcake cake with a piped topping sitting in a giant cupcake case made from chocolate. Gulp!  I had seen a rather magnificent cake on My Cupcake Addiction, an Australian site with some fabulous cakes and tutorials. I was inspired by their brightly coloured rainbow frosting.

Giant Cupcake Cake with Rainbow Frosting
Rainbow Butter Cream or is that Frosting?

I had used my red silicone giant cupcake mould once before, to make a chocolate cake and it was a disaster.  This time I wanted to bake a vanilla sponge cake, I used the recipe from The Pink Whisk.  I wished I had baked my cake at least another 5 -10 minutes, as I struggled to get the cakes out of the silicone moulds. As such it looked rather untidy, but I knew there was a lot of decorating to be done which would tidy it up.
I trimmed the base and sides of the cake. By applying a thin layer of butter cream on the top of the cake it gave it an even and level surface for the pipping. It is worth chilling the cake in the fridge, before putting it into the chocolate mould and starting the piping.

Giant Cupcake Chocolate Cake Case
Giant Cupcake Chocolate Cake Case

The instructions and video to create the Chocolate Cupcake Case were very easy to follow, I used yellow chocolate melts. Using a red silicone giant cupcake mould, you coat the inside with melted chocolate and chill. I was so impressed with this, everyone was amazed when I told them it was made from chocolate.

I added butterscotch flavouring to my coloured butter cream. It did take me a little longer to complete the piping as I only had the one round piping nozzle. Which needed rinsing at each change in colour.

Rainbow Piping using a round nozzle
Easy Rainbow Piping using a round nozzle

Giant Cupcake and homemade chocolate buttons
Giant Cupcake and homemade chocolate buttons
I also created my own chocolate buttons onto a patterned chocolate transfer sheet. Which I then piped in chocolate my nieces name and age. My niece completed the cake by adding these as the final decoration along with a candle. Happy Birthday!

Allow plenty of time and a little patience to make this cake. You will certainly be very pleased with the end result. A fabulous looking cake that tastes wonderful too.

I am entering this cake into the July Cake Club at Kerry Cooks.

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  1. Fantastic cake!!!! I love the icing on the top! xx

  2. Fab cake! I really like the look of your frosting technique too. Been wanting to bake a giant cupcake for a while but not got round to it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial :-)

  3. Looks amazing! I don't think I could ever make anything as impressive but would love to eat it!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte


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