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Garden Furniture Decisions

Summer is just around the corner, and along with pottering in the garden there is nothing better that sitting relaxing and enjoying your handy work. Of course it also means the weather is nice enough to eat alfresco, invite family and friends round for a barbecue, a garden picnic or one of my favourites Afternoon Tea.

My current wooden garden furniture is past it's best, although stored in the garage over Winter and regularly coated with teak oil, it is close to the end of its life. Finding the right replacement garden furniture is not an easy task, and not one to rush into. I want garden furniture that will be comfortable, durable and last for many years.  Although I do confess to having had my eye on a swing seat for many years now, so if I can find one comfortable enough, it will be high on my wish list.

Before you start a Garden Furniture Wish List, it may help by asking yourself the following questions.

What material do you like: Rattan, Wooden, Metal or               Plastic furniture?   
What size table do you need? 
Will it be large enough for entertaining? 
Would a round table be best suited?
Bench, Chairs or Loungers or both?
Will the furniture be stored outside all year round?
Is it easy to fold down for storing in a shed or garage.
Do you have somewhere handy in the Summer to store the           cushions?

I found the pros and cons guide to what your furniture is made of at Tesco Direct very informative. Answering question on how durable, lightweight the different materials are. I am not too familiar with rattan and wicker effect furniture, and it was most helpful.

My Garden Furniture Wish List:-
  • A swing seat, ideally movable and storable during Winter, so possibly not wooden.
  • A wooden round table with 4 to 6 wooden chairs, and cushions for the chairs.
  • An adjustable matching lounger
  • An ornate metal bistro set
Now that's not asking too much is it?

Disclosure: Thank you to Tesco for inspiring me to write this post
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  1. God I wish I had a garden to go and sit in... When I get my own place I cannot wait...

  2. Lovely summery post :) love your wish list!

  3. Some useful tips. I need to upgrade ours too but so expensive at mo


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