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Desserts Through the Decades, and my mums favourite is..

I enjoyed the recent BBC program Back in Time for Dinner. Discovering how the way we buy, store, prepare and eat food, can have such an effect on the way we live as a family. For me it bought back some great memories of pudding and desserts from the 1970's such as Artic Roll, Trifles and Blancmange. Here is one of my mum's favourite desserts - Crushed Pineapple Flan. A shop bought flan base, topped with tinned crushed pineapple and dream topping and grated chocolate. For me it has to be Bread and Butter pudding. Do you have a favourite?

Retro Dessert Crushed Pineapple Flan
Retro Pudding - Crushed Pineapple Flan

Infographic source Bookatable

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  1. Love this infographic! I love pineapple upside down cake. Some fab retro cakes and puds here

  2. This post has made me so hungry! Thank you for the post :) x

  3. Yum! This hasn't helped my self control on my diet ;) some great puds here. I must admit like you I love a good rice pud as do my kids

  4. The Back in Time for Dinner series did bring back a lot of memories for me and I can certainly see why a crushed pineapple flan would go down well. For me the puds that make me think of the 1970s are anything with the name 'black forest' or even 'fruits of the forest' attached although I think I longed for a banana split most of all at the time.

  5. I love bread and butter pudding too. Been experimenting with a Black Forest version using pie filling and crime fraiche to bring the fat down - lovely but eating too much of it so probably cancels out the lower fat LOL,


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