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David Austin Roses Tea Room Afternoon Tea

What better way to end a month of birthday celebration for my sister than with afternoon tea at David Austin Roses tea room. Our local and my new favourite venue  - David Austin Roses, Shropshire. A gloriously sunny day for May and delightfully warm too. All the ladies of the family started with a stroll around the gardens, which were looking immaculate and with well clipped box hedges. Within a few weeks the whole garden will be decked out with blooming roses. It was nice to see the structure of the garden so clearly. 
Afternoon Tea -
Victoria Sponge, Lemon Posset and Chocolate Tart
We headed to the tea room via the shop. Oh the shop. Oh the lovely merchandise. No wait, refocus, I am supposed to be telling you about the afternoon tea. Shopping, is for another time.
Pergola Avenue with climbing Roses
Pergola avenue with climbing Roses
Afternoon Tea - David Austin Roses
Afternoon Tea - David Austin Roses

Afternoon Tea Menu

Black Tea and Green Tea


Cheese and Chive mini quiche
Cream Cheese and micro salad


Plain Scones served withclotted cream and strawberry jam

Chocolate and Pistachio Tart
Lemon Posset
Victoria Sponge cake


This was one of the most enjoyable afternoon teas. The sandwiches were soft and fresh. The quiche and chocolate tart pastry was crisp and buttery. The scones were the perfect size although having two each still defeated me. The lemon posset was one of the nicest desserts I have ever eaten. At £16.95 each this was excellent value. The only thing I missed was a choice of tea, as we were not offered any. Although the tea we had was very nice.

I will look forward to a return visit, when all the roses are in flower. 
David Austin Roses Gardens
David Austin Roses Gardens
Tea Room and Rose Centre - David Austin Roses
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  1. Ooooh i could really go for some of that Chocolate and Pistachio Tart. Nom! Lovely images :)

  2. It looks such a lovely place I've always wanted to visit there x

  3. I adore arfternoon tea, it's so vair vair civilised!!

  4. That looks an absolutely delicious afternoon tea in a gorgeous setting. Love it.


  5. The photos look amazing, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

    Kirsty xx


  6. What a delicious looking plate of treats!

  7. Looks lovely! I do love going for afternoon tea, glad you had an awesome time! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  8. Wow, such a gorgeous place - the food looks amazing too!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    p.s Thanks for linking your post up to the #LifestyleLinkup! Hopefully see you back there next week!


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