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Cornwall - a Day Out to The Eden Project

A holiday to Cornwall would not be complete without a visit to The Eden Project.  Tickets for Eden were included as part of the hotel garden break I had booked, and its location just outside St Austell made it most convenient. We arrived shortly after opening, and were able to park close to the entrance, fortunately. 

Eden Project - Biome Domes
Eden Project - Biome Domes
Once you have passed through the visitor entrance and gift shop, you appear looking down towards the famous Eden Project domes or Biomes as they are known as. You have a choice of following the paths down hill to the Biomes and Outdoor Gardens or using a land train perfect for those of us that have less mobility.

Bee sculpture Eden
Bee sculpture

There are other things to explore whilst at Eden Project but the two below were may favourite areas. 

Mediterranean Biome

My favourite of all areas at The Eden Project - the Mediterranean biome. It was a pleasant warm t-shirt wearing temperature. Within it you will find the warm dry areas of South Africa, California and the Mediterranean. There really was some magnificent looking flowers and plants, I was quite taken with a colourful display of Persian Buttercups.  There is a chance to sit and enjoy the warmth and plants at the Eden Med Terrace. Around the seating area they were growing lots of vegetables all very neatly presented in rows. It is a nice flat walk around the majority of this dome.

Red Persian Buttercups Eden Project
Persian Buttercups

Red Persian Buttercup
Red Persian Buttercup

Bird of Paradise Eden Project
Bird of Paradise

Rainforest Biome

This certainly was a hot and humid environment, and as you would expect was very jungle like inside. It is home to the largest rain forest in captivity. All of the plants grown in here were enormous, huge dominant plants reaching for the top of the biome. This is not a flat walk, the paths have a gradient and lead up to a Rain forest Canopy Walkway. There are places to sit and rest, the view around the dome is very impressive. You can walk up a stairway that leads to the very top of the dome, but I know my limits and gave it a miss. 

RainForest Biome
RainForest Biome

Eden Canopy Walkway
Eden Canopy Walkway

Japanese Lantern Hibiscus Eden Project
Japanese Lantern Hibiscus
Those plants that flowered were very exotic looking. Where the vegetable plot in the Mediterranean dome grew vegetables I grow in my own garden, here they were growing coffee, bananas, cashews and many others.

There is a lot of walking around the Eden Project, and I would definitely recommend taking the land train back to the top as it is a large incline back to the exit.

Hope you have enjoyed my photo tour of the Eden Project. I also visited historic Charlestown and Mevagissey
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  1. this looks like a lovely fresh day out, beautiful images x

  2. It sounds like you had a great time at the Eden project, Angela! I haven't been there for years but I remember loving the Rainforest Biome, I was so amazed by the beauty of all of the tropical plants!


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