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Meet My New Lawn Mower

After 14 years loyal and reliable service I had to say goodbye to my old petrol lawn mower. I say all this but I had only used it a few times in all the years I had it. Mowing the lawn is not something I am physically equipment to manage, so I leave that task to my sister. 

Buying a new lawnmower
The workhorse of the garden
This new lawnmower is another petrol engine mower. Electric really was not an option with two rear lawns and a front lawn quite some distance from the nearest power socket, making for very long cables. Considering how long the last mower lasted and to make mowing that bit easier as we age (my sister is going to thank me for that!) we selected a self propelled mower. Oh boy, does it self propel, I tried it thinking I would just aim the mower in the right direction and it would do the rest. Being rather short and with my scoliosis it just was not going to work, it was far too quick for me. So my sister will be pleased to know that is another job in the garden she will retain. I will stick to my pottering around. 

Now here is the best bit it cost nothing! Well I say nothing it cost 20000 nectar points, points I had won in a blogger competition that I entered some time ago. I was saving the points for a new oven, but the lawn mower broke first and at this time of the year a growing lawn will not wait. 
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  1. Ohhh how lovely is something new when not paid for with real money! My HG has mower envy!


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