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Blog Every Day in May

I have been pretty focused on my blogging of late and have decided to take up the challenge of posting a blog post every day in May. I was enthused after reading about the challenge on Rosalilium blog.

My aim to publish informative, useful and inspiring blog posts. Well I will do my best!  

  • You will see more of my Cornwall adventures, including island hopping around the Isles of Scilly.
  • Virtual Tours around some of England's most breath taking gardens.
  • I have been sewing too, my first tunic!
  • There will of course be a recipe or two for some wonderful birthday baking I have cakes.
  • I will also give you a peek into my new sewing/craft room.
  • Along with a splash of Shropshire.

    If there any subjects you particularly enjoying reading about please let me know, I love reading your comments it makes my blogging day.

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    1. I had all intentions of joining this blog challenge, but then saw how busy my diary is for certain weeks and thought I have no chance! lol! Two Hearts One Roof

    2. Cornish adventures? I look forward to that. I posted every day during Chocolate Week last year and that nearly killed me - and that was only a week. Good luck.

    3. Sounds like you have quite an interesting list of posts there!

      Good luck with it! :)


    I really do appreciate you leaving me a comment, and I enjoy reading them all.
    Angela x

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